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2019: PDP Chairman Charges Youths To Take Over Mantle of Leadership



…accuses APC of dividing the country with sentiments

Ahead of 2019 general elections, the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Uche Secondus, Wednesday, charged youths across the country to take over the mantle of leadership.

Uche gave the charge during a meeting held with social media influencers, bloggers and online publishers at the National Secretariat of the party in Abuja, where he said the country needs vibrant and smart young people to be at the helm of affairs.

According to him the party is keen on young people moving the nation forward and also promised to give them full support to actualize their aspirations embedded in their ambition for a better and rapidly developing nation.

He said: “Of course we will not forget our youths, the future belongs to our youths and at every occasions I like to remind ourselves Gowon was 32 years old when he became the head of state, he was strong energetic and resourceful and he kept the country one; so you don’t shy away from your responsibilities.

“Some governors including our former Senate President, Dr David Mark, they were young when they took office and they were strong and they were able to deliver.

“We open the space for the party, for all of you, we are coming out with a platform call ‘Generational Next’, it is for all of you to come and learn the act so that we can gradually hand over because the future is for you.

“You are sound, very educated and digitized and the world is at your finger tips with your androids in your hands and so you can change the situation.

“Today the entire world is knowledge based, technology knowledge based economy it is for the young people. The elders you know, some are analog and some are digital, it is a mixture.”

He also maintained that the old should give way for the young people to lead at the front while they give them support with wisdom and good advises that would help them achieve.

“Never again in the history of our country that the young people, the civilized citizens of our country will wait on the fence and allow things to go bad the way it is now.

“And so we want to encourage all of you to redouble your efforts, do what you know best to do; some of you are experts and I can see my sister from Lagos, she is very good at it”, he stated.

Speaking on the spate of killings and palpable fear that has engulfed some parts of the country the PDP chairman accused the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, as the most corrupt government put together.

“The senators we are proud of them, the senators are the ones that have kept this country united, this crop of senators, the PDP Senators. They have defended democracy because what APC is practicing is dictatorship; the kind of government that we witnessed during the Abacha days is what the APC government is practicing; so the defenders of our democracy are the PDP Senators.

“This is the most corrupt government in Nigeria from 1960, they are trying to cover it but they cannot cover it, when the time comes, they cannot cover it.

“Since 2015 they have killed more than 3,000 people, they have lost their lives. This is a government that does not value the lives of its citizens. The country even during the civil war had never witnessed this kind of division in the country, we are so divided.

“Nepotism has never been practiced this way before but today you can see the height of it in this APC government and so you have to take over.

He also accused President Muhammadu Buahri of not being a man of his words despite he has failed Nigerians in the last three years.

“You have to be fully on board, you have to redouble your efforts because it is the most important thing to do now more also that the President have indicated interest for an election whereas some time ago in 2011 he said if God permits him and he secures the ticket he will run only for one term and we have seen the consequences of what has happened in the last three years”, he added.






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