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CVR: Sokoto Registers 110, 000 In 10 Months



No fewer than 110, 000 eligible voters have so far been registered in the ongoing continues voters registration (CVR) exercise in Sokoto state, Musa Muhammad confirmed.

Muhammad, who is the Sokoto Head of Voters Education and Publicity Unit, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) added that, he cannot ascertain the total number of registered voters in the state for now hence registration is ongoing.

While disclosing that the state has about 39 CVR centers at the moment, Musa added that, the turn out by eligible voters has being very impressive.

According to him, those registering people equally deserves commendation, hence, they Srebrenica rotating from onews ward to the other to ensure that, people are not disenchanfrised.

“INEC has so far registered about 110, 000 eligible voters in Sokoto state between April 2017 and January this year.

“However, on the total number of registered voters in the state, I cannot say for now hence people are still registering. INEC will also subject the entire registration to verification and ensure that all double registrations are sorted out. Until all the verification is done, then, we can confidently say, these is the total number of registered voters in the state”.

When asked if there are cases of fake registration centers as is the case in other states, the Head of Voters Education and Publicity, Musa Muhammad said, there is none.

According to him, people have direct access to them at any hour of the day, hence, contemplating any of such fake centers would not arise.

Speaking to LEADERSHIP Weekend on whether or not they experience difficulties in getting registered in the ongoing CVR, Shaibu Kure said, though, they still need more centers but for now, INEC staff in the state are trying their best to ensure that, eligible voters get registered.

“Sincerely speaking, INEC in the state has been doing enough, especially in the areas of sensitization and voters education. INEC ensures that we are well informed about our civic responsibility as responsible Nigerians. And we are ready to exercise that right at the appreciate time”.

19 years old Halimatu Suleiman on her part, said, her greatest happiness is that, she will be having the opportunity to cast her vote for the first time.



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