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2019: Labour Party Make Case For Young, Responsive Leadership.



Ahead of the 2019 general elections, the Labour Party has called on Nigerians to vote out what it called “old brigade who lack vision and direction” and vote in the younger generation.

The party further stated it presents the only alternative with “first class collection of brilliant minds, who are young, well educated, exposed, cosmopolitan, patriotic and dedicated to move Nigeria to the next level”.

Chairman of Labour Party, Mike Omotosho in a statement reacting to the recent declaration by President Muhammdu Buhari to seek a second term, however highlighted that is not unmindful of the crisis in the party but the usurpers will be booted out soon to pave way for its progressive and people-oriented agenda.

The statement reads in part: “The Labour Party (LP) in Nigeria is prompted to react to the recent declaration of President Muhammadu Buhari to seek reelection in 2019 on the basis of what we consider as far-reaching implications this decision may have on the destiny of Nigeria, even as we acknowledge the constitutional right of President Muhammadu Buhari to seek reelection.

“The Labour Party, which is the party of the working public and the custodian of the peoples aspirations, the embodiment of the values and the repository of their ideals and vision, wishes to state unequivocally that the three years of the APC and President Buhari’s mandate have in all honesty, and by all empirical statistics reduced the vibrant and energetic people of Nigeria to paupers. President Buhari may have given his best, but the encumbrances of old age may have conspired to deny him the energy, tact and strategy needed to extricate the nation from economic doldrums.

“We therefore advise the President and his colleagues in the old brigade to quit the stage for the young men and women. This is because the indices of a deteriorating economy, the fast disappearing business environment predicated on poor policy formulation and unimaginative interpretation of economic variables, have produced unenviable records for the Nigerian citizens, who are today grappling with job losses, poor income per capital as a result of which about 6 million people are said to have lost their jobs in the last three years.

Omotosho said: “grim consequence of the poor response to the challenges facing Nigeria saw the Naira plunge into a weak currency hovering between 360 and 365 to a dollar. The inflation rate though dropping in recent months had remained precariously at 13.3 % according to the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics. The GDP growth is 0.8% which makes the economy very fragile, for a country, which annual population growth rate is 3.2% even as the Nigerian Population Commission had just released report that Nigeria is now 198 million people.

“Foreign Direct Investment, which was 14.5 billion dollars four years ago is now less than 7 billion dollars, industrial capacity has also gone down in the last three years and incapacitated the manufacturing sector, which triggered the job losses as many of our youths have today turned to crime such as armed robbery, advance fee fraud (Yahoo, Yahoo), prostitution, ritual killings and social miscreants used by ungodly people to unleash terrorism and other forms of violence.

“Nigeria now sees millions of its citizens fleeing her borders in droves to other countries seen as more favourable climes to escape the pathetic conditions at home. No pictures of horrors or the most harrowing experience of even crossing the desert or the dangerous boat journey across the Mediterranean had deterred them in so far as they are convinced that living in Nigeria is not a better option.

“Nigeria is today under the siege of foreign marauders, masquerading as herdsmen, who traverse the length and breadth of the nation and uncontrollably spilling the blood of Nigerian citizens without the current government showing enough resolve to confront the armed gang of killers. Thousands have died and many others have been internally displaced.

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