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2019: Your PVC Is Ticket To A New Nigeria – Abayomi Bello



A senatorial aspirant from Kogi West senatorial district, Kogi State, Abayomi Bello, yesterday urged Nigerians to register and collect their Permanent Voters Card (PVC) ahead of the much anticipated 2019 general elections.

Bello said, in a press statement made available to journalists in Abuja, that with our PVC we can secure a new Nigeria for our children.

The statement reads in part; “Nigerians should go all out to collect their PVC and vote to secure the future of our children whom I hope will live in a New Nigeria where poverty and hardship is a thing of the past.

“We have to vote because it is a cherished right which should not be squandered and also because it is an affirmation of our democracy. We must participate in the elections out of respect for, and in memory of the many heroes past who have died to save our democracy.”

Bello further stated that he is determined to bring real development and youth empowerment to the people of Kogi West senatorial district and Kogi State in general while urging Nigerians to stop selling their birthright.

He said, “I am determined and obligated to provide a better Nigeria and a better life for my people, where the youths are empowered with various avenues of wealth creation and real development.

“In a country where uneducated, under-aged children are recruited en mass to vote and you with all your exposure, education and knowledge still do not have your Voters Card, you have just sold your birthright!

“It’s time we stop complaining and start doing, take charge and  make the change we want to see in Nigeria.

Speaking further he said, “Agreed, Nigeria democracy is in a parlous state. Aside from our broken electoral system, cabals and farcical lords, the weakness of Labour means we effectively have one-party government. The only cure is for reasonable people to participate by exercising your right to vote, and ensure that the voter turnout is congruent with the scale of the question being asked.

“Within living memory, thousands died so that you may vote. I won’t betray them. Will you?” Bello queried.