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Restaurant Shocks Diners ; Huge Spider As Burger Topping



A restaurant is serving burgers topped with a giant, hairy spider.

And apparently, there’s a culinary benefit to the addition.

Bull City Burger and Brewery in Durham, North Carolina is offering customers the chance to try a tarantula, which is lightly salted and oven baked and used to top one of the restaurant’s classic beef patties.

Bull City Burger, which, with the likes of duck fat fries and rye pretzels with beer sauce, already has a fairly intresting menu, said: “People say it tastes most like crab, or other shellfish, sometimes with a bit of a metallic-y taste. BUT, the legs, the body…each bite tastes a bit different.

Guests hoping to try the creature must enter a $30 ‘tarantula raffle’. Anyone who polishes off the $30 dish gets a t-shirt. Four people have taken on the spider so far.

There are just 18 zebra tarantulas available. The spiders are native to Costa Rica and other parts of Central America. In the wild, they eat grasshoppers and cockroaches and reach a leg span of up to 13cm.



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