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Incredible! Paralysed Mom Wins Marathon Walk



The former equestrian eventer, paralysed from the waist down after a freak riding accident, smashed her previous record by more than half, shaving off a staggering nine days.

And as she completed the 26.2-mile course in her specially designed robotic ReWalk Suit, she told the Daily Express: “It feels incredible. My word, I’m so emotional!

“The last half mile was the toughest of all. I suddenly felt really tired and when I saw all the people cheering and clapping at the end I just had to steel myself to hold it together. It was hard.

“The support has been fantastic, with people stopping all along the way and giving donations– never mind all the café staff coming out and offering cake.

“We were joking saying I’ll be the only person ever to do a marathon and actually put weight on…”

Mum-of-two Mrs Lomas, 38, joined thousands of runners at the start of the ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon on Sunday April 8- with a week-long target in mind.

She managed around three miles a day thanks to the computerized hi-tech suit, which enables her to move her legs by tilting her pelvis.

The last time she took on such a challenge was at the London Marathon in 2012 – when it took her two and a half weeks.

Shockingly, she missed out on an official medal thanks to a change of rules- although in a touching tribute, 18 other runners gave her theirs.

But there was no such travesty yesterday with marathon officials – and Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham – at the finish to mark her amazing achievement.

Mr Burham – who altered his diary to see her finish- described what she had done as ‘truly exceptional’ and told her he was ‘in awe’ of her amazing resolve.

And this time there was a medal everyone on her team.

Mrs Lomas was surrounded by friends and family every step of the way.

Daughters Maisie, seven and one-year-old Chloe, cheered her on wile husband Dan, 43, walked behind her to make sure she didn’t lose her balance






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