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SunTrust Bank Receives ISO, PCI-DSS Certifications



SunTrust bank has been awarded with the ISO and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) certifications by the PECB Canada, a leading organisation in audit management systems and processes.

The bank was awarded the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, which is the world’s highest accreditation of information security systems (ISMS) having successfully met the stringent security standard by undergoing series of intense implementation exercise and audit processes which began in October 2017.

Speaking at the event in Lagos, yesterday, the chief operating officer of the bank, Aaron Mosugu said “as a fintech bank  in Nigeria, the security of information is very paramount and the way  you tell the world and yourself that you are ready to keep your customer’s information secure and save is  to allow other bodies come and audit it and digital jewel went through the process with is and the regulators found our services secure and we are glad they have come to present the certificate to us.

According to chief executive officer (CEO) of SunTrust Bank, Muhammed Jibril, without the certification the bank will not be able  to say they are highly secured and that it is a foundation in what they believe will ensure that the customers are protected from cyberattack.

He also noted that the certification is considered the only audit able international standard which defines the requirements to ensure that sufficient security control are constituted  within the certified organisation. He also said the bank is required to undergo an annual audit review and three year re certification process such that the Information security standard is maintained.

He further stated that “the certification is a proof of our commitment to provide all our participants with maximum protect. This process involves auditing and verification of our Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) practice by PECB.

“Also the certification is a clear indication of the strength of our investment in people process and technology for enhancing the customer experience by improving adequate information security.”