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PMB Has Every Right To Seek Re-election, But – Usman



Paradigm Movement has said President Muhammadu Buhari has every right to seek re-election.

The national coordinator Paradigm Movement, Idris Usman who stated this in an interview with LEADERSHIP said despite PMB’s re-election bid, Nigeria needs new ideas to leadership.

Usman said Nigerians have suffered untold hardship as a result of the economic policy summersaults by the current administration in the last three years, adding that the people are living in hunger and penury.

He further stated that the government has not done much to address insecurity as people are being killed by herdsmen on a daily basis more than it was a year ago.

Usman advocated for a paradigm shift in governance from old ideas to new ideas to leadership .

“We need a leader who will deliver good governance to all Nigerians, am not among people who will believe that the young people should come and rule. Some of this young people are terrible as this set of leaders, for that am not thinking that the young people should, they must have a paradigm shift in leadership in the kind of leaders we produce, they must have a new idea,” he said

“We need new idea, leadership that is accountable to the people, leadership that will explain itself to the people even after winning the election

The coordinator noted that Nigeria at this point needs a leader who is dead to himself but alive to the needs of the citizens.

“The change we are talking about is a paradigm shift of ideas in the way the country will be ruled, we are talking about corruption .99% of the leaders we have in this country  are all corrupt in one way or the other they are all corrupt. We need new thinking and a new direction.”

“Let’s change the idea of the leadership, let’s have a paradigm shift from where we are now to a new idea about accountability, about leaders that are selfless, leaders that are there to serve that is what Paradigm Movement is all about.

Commenting on the order of election saga, he said that  the National Assembly has the power to alter the order of elections and urged the judiciary to wash away their hands in such matters, adding that it is the responsibility of the legislative arm  and they should be allowed to handle it.