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Does Islam Support Killings Of Innocents?



All praises and adorations are due to the Lord of the universe. His peace and VDOXWDWLRQVEHXSRQWKHODVWDQG¿QDO messenger. Islam promotes peace and not killings, loves and despises hatred, judges and urges the Muslims to eschew the opposite. Islam, just like any other religion, is comprehended through its sources; Quran and hadith (the prophets’ sayings and actions) in the case of Islam. Verses concerning killings are quoted by people out of context. Films have been acted by enemies of Islam like ‘innocent Muhammad’ where their hatred and blackmail of Islam is alarmingly on its increase. I ask these few questions. Was the allegiances of aqabah (where the people of madinah accepted the message of Islam) through killing? Was his 13 years call to the path of
Allah in Makkah by sword? Was there any amongst the prophet’s companions, who was compelled and fought to embrace Islam? Allah says, ‘There is no compulsion in the deen ie Islam,’ Q 2V256. Islam is a peaceful religion because Allah, the Exalted, has called Himself As-Salaam (the one free from all defects. This word also means peace) and Islam is the religion He has approved of for mankind. Islam, as a religion, allows followers of other religions to live in the Islamic state without any pressure on them. These people are called ahlu dhimmah and a’hd (those living in the Muslim’s land enjoying the protection and justice of the Muslim state). The prophet, peace be upon him, ruled madinah with so many Jewish tribes living there among them like, banu qurayza, banu nadir, banu qaynuqaa.

He did not shed anyone’s blood on the basis of identity, ethnicity or religion, the same path his successors followed. Shaykhul Islam ibn taymiyyah may Allah have mercy upon him said (justice or fairness is obligatory upon everyone and towards everyone in all circumstances.) Allah says, ‘be just, that is nearer to piety and fear Allah.’ Verilly Allah is well acquainted with what you do. Q5 V 8. Islam is a peaceful religion which prohibits, condemns and abhors mischief on earth. Allah says, ‘Don’t cause mischief on earth.’ Q7V56 The Fundamentals Of Islam Are Three. 1. Islam (subserviency to Allah) 2. Imaan (the higher level of islam) 3. Ihsan (perfection, when the presence of Allah is always felt and the peak of faith) Killing is not a part of it.
These three concepts taken together constitute the creed of Islam. There is gradation. Islam is the beginning, imaan is the higher level and ihsan is peak and highest level of faith. The promoters of these misconception are without doubt ignorant of the teachings of Islam and are attempting to cause disablement to the religion of peace by trying to inebriate our precious heart. Allah says, ‘He is He who has sent His messenger with guidance and the true religion to reign supreme over other religions.’ Q 61 V 9. Allah says interpretation of the meaning, ‘do they seek other than the religion of Islam and to Him is submitted everything in heavens and earth, willingly or unwillingly and to Him is their return.’ Q3V83. To be continued…



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