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Still On The 198m Population

I am not sure what to make out of the latest population figures released by the National Population Commission. Granted. the mathematics method that led to this commutation is part of the measures used to estimate; no problem. However, a proper census is long overdue; the last one was carried out 12 years ago. “We are committed to providing adequate health care services, reducing maternal mortality, rebuilding safe schools and empowering our women, ensuring no one is left behind in terms of achieving sustainable development.” Chairman, NPC (hahaha). Before! on what figures have we been planning with that every facility is stretched to breaking point (or broken)?? The reason given for keeping away from conducting a census has ranged from lack of funds (what else is new?) and certain query fields.

We are seeing and living with the effect of a lot of things we’ve neglected; upgrading and expanding healthcare facilities and other basic infrastructure despite the heavy recurring figures in budgets. Honestly, from my own mathematics, I think we are around 250 million! We need to be serious about this. This is the new ‘security’ issue that the next administration has to look into. With an active youth population of 60% that is involved in indiscriminate sex brought about by very poor sex education but I’ll defer to the, “No sex here”; we are (religious) Nigerians’, raging hormones, idleness, drugs and economic hardship and then pure gratification and this is leading to teeming teenage pregnancies, I think my mathematics is right on the money with the foregoing. For the adults; it must be the yams,

Now That Buhari Has Declared

Now that Buhari has declared and we await his return, my earnest prayer is that he is on a retreat and will come back invigorated with plenty workable solutions to the myriad of problems besetting us. I know for certain the APC has learnt a very bitter lesson of making sweeping promises, raising expectations to dizzying heights and crashing them while riding on the crest of sustained goodwill. This time however, we demand Buhari to be part of a Presidential debate. If the other candidates are still preparing to come out when the time comes around, he can even have a debate by himself but debate he must! This time, we want concrete plans with credible data and statistics (miracles have been known to happen!). I am not even interested in any promise relating to improving the economy, just on the issue of security. Par adventure, the economy picks up in spite of the insecurity, who will patronize it if we are all in fear of our lives? Secondly, we want to know how he intends to finance his campaign. Nothing much has changed in the money politics we play in this country making it one of the most expensive countries to run a campaign (and we are poor!) This will be an important turning point for his incoming administration. If we see a lean budget, then we can be sure that the other APC aspirants wanting to be on the right side of him, will fall in line. Sounds simplistic but for the corruption crusader to hold his title, we desperately need a change in this area (there’s that word again!!) In fact, the budget should be made public for transparency. Imagine the fallout from this single action. I am a good Nigerian, see how I gave that sound advice for free!

Depopulation Strategy?

Theresa May, like really?? At the time PM May was speaking at CHOGM, Abuja had fallen. We here were still grappling to understand what had gone down and when next. Obama tried this with the ‘weakling’ GEJ and even the threat that Nigeria will get off from ‘support’ from America didn’t rattle the ‘guzzling’ ex-president. Why does she think, a Sharia compliant, tough anti-corruption ex-solider would give in?? There has been talk that we are a secular country and so we should adhere to secularism and stop using religious laws to ‘discriminate’ against same-sex adherents. The truth is that we are a ‘religious’ country. Our Constitution alludes to that even if we want to believe otherwise. With our practices including personal state sponsored religious observances, nothing could be nearer than the truth. As a sovereign nation, we should not be pressurized or bullied into going the way of the world. It smacks of disrespect (which is against our fundamental human rights to be treated with respect) for Nigeria to take its position on something and then world leaders keep coming to hound us to go against our position! Adherents of same-sex relationships are well within their rights to be anything but what is for the bedroom should remain there. On the other hand, if Nigeria were to indulge, it would crash our exploding population (given same-sex unions can’t procreate); maybe that was her contribution to our looming population explosion?

Abuja Has Fallen

In the 2013 film, “Olympus has fallen”, the unthinkable happens when heavily armed and highly trained terrorists launch a bold daytime attack on the White House. The building is overrun, and President Benjamin Asher and his staff are taken hostage. Luckily for Asher, former presidential security officer Mike Banning is on the scene. With time running out, it’s up to Banning to locate Asher’s son before the extremists do and rescue the president before his captors unleash their ultimate plan. There has been no official communication from anybody in government by way of explanation or apology for what transpired in Abuja a week back; 13.04.18, known by its moniker; Friday the 13th -14.04.18. In a capital city where the three arms of Government sit, diplomatic bodies reside, international organizations are headquartered, nobody, most especially the Mayor/ Minister of the FCT; had a plan for the city during those two days that will go down as a part of the ignoble history of Nigeria. There was a huge lapse of judgment or none with the decision to allow more than one large group to converge in Abuja at the same time.

The citizens just woke up and fell into huge crowds in the city centre. By the end of the day, the city was literally shut down because of gridlocks all over the city. In any sane society, there would have been warnings, diversions to ease traffic, traffic control units on the road, government bodies on the road etc. Heck! a public holiday could have even be given! When one individual was going to Lagos, the city was ‘put on’ public holiday mode because of the inconvenience his visit was going to cause. If nothing else, people had the time to plan and deal! That there hasn’t been a health outbreak after the visit is another sign that there is a God. The government put no health safety provisions in place. There were no public restrooms made available. Open defecation and release of body functions was demonstrated in the city over. The amount of garbage that blanketed the city made it look like an invasion had taken place. I felt extremely sorry for the road sweepers I saw on Sunday; no one will compensate them commensurate to what they went through to make the town clean. And we all went back to our lives. On the other hand, it was a huge wakeup call or a demonstration of what our security apparatus is really like. If the security agencies, lawkeeping bodies, road marshals were going to be overwhelmed, we should have been given that day off. By Monday, the videos that went around eerily resembled the start of the Syrian Tragedy. When are we going to wake up?



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