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1 Out Of Every 5 Individual Suffers Mental Illness – Expert



One out of every five individuals suffers one or another form of mental illness, Dr. Auwal Sani Salihu, quoted World Health Organisarion (WHO) as saying.

Auwal who is a consultant psychiatrist at the Bayero University, Kano stated this yesterday while speaking on Mental Health Awareness Training Of Trainers in Sokoto.

The programme as sponsored by Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital Kware, Sokoto is aimed at conveying Mental Health Awareness Campaign to all states of the north west.

According to Dr. Auwal, most people thought they are healthy, but when compared in the context of World Health Organization (WHO) definition of health, they are truly not.

He insisted that, WHO sees health from three dimensions which includes, physical, social and mental.
“Health definition by World Health Organisation (WHO) emphasises mental health alongside with physical and social wellbeing. Therefore, ‘No Health without mental Health’.

“Mental illness and Substance Abuse affects Mental Health. There are over 300 diagonisable mental illness, some mild, some moderate and others severe.

“Majority are the mild and moderate, which constitutes about 80 per cent while the severe ones are the remaining 20 per cent.”

While insisting that all human beings are vulnerable to mental illness, Dr. Auwal said stigmatisation is identified as the main reason preventing people from seeking medical attention.

“1 out of 5 individuals suffers from mental illness. Males and females, young and old, all societies, all cultures have mental illness.”

He stressed that the symptoms for those with mild and moderate mental illness include, depression, anxious, persistent doubtfulness, pains, sleep problems, sexual problems, forgetfulness and conduct problems amongst others.

Dr Auwal further listed some of the severe mental illness symptoms to include, hearing things other people don’t. Seeing things other people don’t. Having abnormal believe. Having special abilities and identities without any evidence. Aggression, restlessness poor sleep as well as talking and laughing alone amongst others.



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