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China Says It Has Invested $12b On Completed Area of Yangshan Deep Water Port



Yangshan Deepwater Port

The Director, Shanghai Tongsheng Investment Group Company Limited, Mr Xu Wei has said the China government has invested a sum of over $12billion to develop the Completed area of the Yangshan Deep Water Port.

The Yangshan Deep Water Port is currently ranked number one in the world with Twenty Foot Equivalent Units (TFEU)

The Yangshen Deep water Port situated in the Northeast of Hangzou bay, Qiqu Archipelago waters in Shanghai province is positioned as an international hub port for two major shipping lines including Asia-America and Asia Europe.

Mr Wei who stated this in an exclusive interview to a delegation of the LEADERSHIP Newspaper Group on a visit to Shanghai said “The Tongsheng Port is a high level standard designed Project and is one of the nation’s high level priority project”

He revealed that the Port which began since 2002 is in 4 Phases, with the first 3 phases manually created while the 4th phase is fully automated, also known as the ghost spot. This he said is in addition to the Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) as well as reserved space for future use as well as the Cargo Port.

“In the Yangshan port, we have three parts, one part is the Island which is built for the Port, the second part is the 32km link bridge, known as the Tonghai bridge, built to link the Shonghai city to the Island,  and built to last 100 years , the second part is in the city land to surface area to support the port which will contain some transportation and Company and other surface corporation” he said.

He added that “The total investment on the completed areas is $12billion dollars, while the reserved areas is still at the proposal stage”

While he assured that they had invested over $12 billion dollars into the development of the Port, he said they could not ascertain the Gross Domestic Product coming from the investment as only the government could confirm the exact amount.

The port with an employment generation of 2000 Service staff had witnessed a turn-over of over 15,000 staff from planning, construction to completion.

Speaking on the challenges in constructing one of the world’s largest Port services, the director said “One of the major challenges they encountered was while trying to reclaim part of the land use which runs through the Pacific Ocean”

Noting that their priority during construction was safety, he added that “Other challenges included lack of access to appropriate infrastructures, natural interference due to the corrosive nature of the salt water, wind among several others.”


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