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‘Cry Closet’ Installed For Students Who Need Some Alone Time



The University of Utah has had a ‘cry closet’ installed for anyone in need of a soft moment alone to cry and reflect

A university has installed a ‘cry closet’ for students who need somewhere to be private and sad.

The small box popped up in the campus library at the University of Utah in the US. It allows anyone stressed out to have somewhere to relax and calm down.

The box of tears was dreamed up by university student and visual artist Nemo Miller, who understands university life can get a bit much.

According to the rules posted on the closet door, the space is a “safe place for stressed-out students”. Inside are soft cuddly toys.

There’s a time cap of ten minutes and only one person is allowed in at any one time (no sex in the cry closet!). Also required is to knock before entering. Users are encouraged to talk about their experience using the hashtag #cryclosetuofu.



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