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Elites Responsible For Nation’s Woes – Presidential Aspirant



Leadership Nigeria News Today

A Presidential Aspirant under the platform of Freedom and Justice Party , Mr. Abinatus Dangir has come down hard on the nation’s elites, accusing them of connivance with the Western World to have impoverish the country.

Mr. Abinatus Dangir made the accusation when he picked his party’s nomination forms to contest for the forth coming Presidential elections.

Dangir who decried the poor level of development in Nigeria in spite of the abundance of mineral resources in the country, said the elites have conspired with the Western World to suppress and silence Nigerians for their own comfort.

“The elites in Nigeria have conspired with the Western World to oppress, suppress and silence us for their comfort at our expenses . How many elites receive medical treatment in Nigeria ? How many elites children school in Nigeria ? Most of them , their best estates and several other investment is in the Western World while we are left in penury.”

He said even as the highest oil producing country in Africa and the 6th in the World, Nigerians can not afford 3 square meal a day.

Mr. Dangir also decried the poor minimum wage of an average Nigerian, which he said, is the least among developing countries. According to him :

“The minimum wage for Nigeria is just 58 dollars per month. It is the lowest in the whole world. I mean , in the whole world, Nigeria is the least. Uganda is 22 dollars per month. Other countries of Africa , when you look at the statistics, non of them receives less than 200 dollars. Some countries, 300, 400, 500 dollars. Infact, South Africa is 1800 dollars , and there are countries that pay 4000 dollars per month. And Nigeria is the least. In Ethiopia where there is no oil at all, they pay, 282 dollars as minimum wage . Now, look at the irony of this, do you Know that in the whole world , Nigerian legislators are the highest paid, while the citizens are the lowest paid. Can you see that there is a game plan ?

Mr. Abinatus Dangir, a class room teacher, said it is only when we have purposeful driven leaders that the country could be fixed. He however noted that he has the potentials to fix the country if he is voted for, in the next presidential elections

Speaking earlier, Chairman of the Party , Mr. Abraham Breakforth said Freedom and Justice Party is born to wipe away tears of many Nigerians while calling on well meaning Nigerians to join the Party.

“I want to encourage everybody to join this Party . PDP , APC have failed Nigerians. No reasonable Nigeria will vote for these two parties. 16 years of PDP in government, there was nothing to show. APC is just 3 years and they are taking us backward. It means that the only hope for Nigeria is the Freedom and Justice Party.”