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Kaduna Govt. Pays 6,984 District Staff N1.03bn



Kaduna State government, said it has paid N1.03bn to 6,984 district staff, saying 750 persons could not assess the money until they resolve the problems with their bank details.

Addressing a news conference in Kaduna, Prof. Kabir Mato, Commissioner for Local Government, on the payment of salaries to Staff of Districts, said the Ministry is urging 750 affected persons to promptly provide the necessary bank details so that their accounts can be credited.

Mato said: “The Ministry of Local Government has so far paid N1.034bn to staff of the districts. The total number of such staff to be paid is 7,597, and the total amount payable to all is N1,166,222,601.07, a sum that was duly made available for payment.

Out of this, 7,597 staff, the ministry has paid N1.034bn to 6,984 persons. This leaves 750 persons who cannot assess the money until they resolve problems with their bank details. The total amount of money due to these 750 persons is N131,985,982.60, and it is available once they furnish the Ministry with their accurate bank account details” he explained.




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