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I Began Playing Instruments At The Age Of 5 – Pelumi



Over the weekend, notable saxophonist Pelumi Oluwapelumi Israel known as Pelumi On point launched his album. The son of a pastor hails from Osun State and majored in Accountancy. LINDA NWAGU was with him to get titbits on his mastery of the art.


What inspired the flair for playing the instruments?
I started playing the instruments at the age of five. Playing the instruments comes naturally to me, I would describe it as innate, I can tell when sounds rhyme and create a fine beat and this is what led me to learning seven instruments .When I was five I stumbled upon a recorder, and I just knew what sound was for what song. Then I moved on to the piano when I was ten years old. By the end of my primary and secondary education I could play the drums, grand piano and keyboard. When I got into the tertiary institution, I started playing the bass guitar and the lead guitar. Then I had the urge to learn something different and I opted for the saxophone. This one proved to be a bit tricky for me but by three months, I had mastered it to the utmost surprise of my colleagues who had earlier refused to put me through. With this I found out that the instrument that really spoke to me was the saxophone.

Did your parents support your musical career?
That was a pretty rough patch for me. My mum was indifferent but my dad saw musicians and instrumentalist as paupers. He was so angry at me that I had chosen music over the course I studied in the university. I can’t count the number of times I was locked outside after practice. He mellowed after he realised I had so much passion and eroded that idea of musicians as paupers when I bought my first car just after few months of coming to Abuja before I did my National Youth Service Corps.

How has the journey been so far, any regrets?
No way, no regrets at all. I am loving what I do and I am fulfilled. Music is not for the impoverished or uneducated as most people think; it is actually very lucrative, if you are an organised and determined person you will certainly succeed. I have been playing the instruments for over 25 years now and I am so happy with where I am now, I live in my own house and I have my car and I am happy. What more do I need?

Are you married?
Yes, I am married to a beautiful woman and I have a child.

Do you have any albums released?
Yes I do, I have released two albums titled “To the Details” and just recently “To the Details Reloaded”.

What spurred your growth in the industry?
I expunged my thoughts of the making money syndrome. I built on existing passion and did not make everything about the money. Then I started to grow and become better in it, I always aim to do better.

What genres of songs do you play?
I am not particular about genre of songs or places that I play. I do all sorts of events except clubs. I am not comfortable with that scene.

Have you played for notable individuals within and outside the country?
Yes, I once played in London. I also played at an event for the former First Lady of Kogi State and a host of others.



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