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Villagers Attack Hisbah Officials



Not less than four of the Kano Hisbah Operatives sent to disperse a multitude gathered around the recently identified mysterious tree in a village in Kunchi local government recently, were attacked by locals, who have turned the place to a mini ‘ Mecca’ by seeking blessings from the tree, carrying the picture of the Holy Ka’abah.

Confirming the incident, the Commandant of the State Hisbah Command, Sheikh Aminu Daura, described the incident as “most unfortunate,” because the Hisbah officials, acting on his directive, were on a mission to go confirm the authenticity of the story behind the emergence of the tree.

“We sent our men from the nearby Bichi and Kunchi local government areas to go and cut down the mysterious tree carrying the picture of the Holy Ka’abba, some stars and a slate with Arabic text written on it.

“When the Hisbah arrived the place where the tree was standing at night, upon noticing that the men in uniform were in the village to fell the tree, some men hurriedly picked up arms and started attacking the Hisbah officials,” the Sheikh told LEADERSHIP WEEKEND.

Daura revealed that, inspite of the odds, the Hisbah operatives succeeded in cutting down the tree, to prevent a loss of faith and encourge idol worship.

He said such acts of worship would amount to joining Allah with another thing during worship and promised to punish anyone involved in the act.

The Hisbah boss revealed that the Command would ensure that all those caught attacking his officers would be brought to book, in order for them to harvest what they sowed.