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Herdsmen/Farmers Clash: Group Faults NASS’ Summon Of PMB



A middle belt advocacy group, under the aegis of the Middle Belt Conscience Guard (MBCG), has faulted the decision of the National Assembly to summon President Mohammadu Buhari over current security challenges, especially the herdsmen and farmers clashes.

The group said the instigators of the summon only want to use the situation to score political points.
They also alleged that some members of the National Assembly are out to scale up public anger against the President and his security team over the activities of terrorists in the country.

Addressing journalists in Abuja, national president of the group, Prince Raymond Enero, said its members will not hesitate to commence recall proceedings against any federal legislature found to be exploiting the security crises for personal gains.

According to him, members of the National Assembly continue to play the ostrich and deny their own roles in producing the conditions and actors that have turned certain parts of the country into veritable war zones because of political ambitions.

He said in other countries, patriotic lawmakers would have come up with robust legislations to counter perceived security threats to their country.

He said, “But that is apparently something that is too much to ask of our legislators whose only interest is returning themselves to the chambers at the next election to continue earning jumbo allowances.

“For the avoidance of doubts, our expectations are that a responsible parliament would have by now legislated on: Preventing terrorism financing through NGOs and other seemingly harmless groups that foreign interests are using to torment Nigeria, solving the lingering farmers/herders’ clashes and to criminalize the influx of arms bearing migrants from neighbouring nations.”

He said other measures the National Assembly should have taken includes to stop the bypassing of the constitution by state governments that set up militia groups, financing the Nigerian Military to a point where most of its hardware requirement can be locally produced as well as exploit the possibility of making military service mandatory for persons of certain demographics.

He said it is therefore unfair for the same people to turn around and blame President Buhari for the security challenges when they themselves have failed in the role.




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