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South Korea Seeks Nigeria’s Support On Inter-Korea Summit’s Declaration For Peace



South Korea has urged Nigerian government to support the Panmunjeom Declaration of Peace and Unification of the Korean Peninsula.

The Panmunjeom Declaration signed by South and North Korean leaders, President Moon Jae-in and Chairman of State Affairs, North Korea, Kim Jong-un post the third inter-Korea summit, highlights the declaration of the end of war between the two Koreas and measures to achieve peace, improve inter-Korea relations and denuclearization of the peninsula.

Speaking to the media in Abuja, the newly installed Ambassador of South Korea to Nigeria, His Excellency, Lee In-tae, said as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, and occupying the position of deputy secretary-general, in the person of the former Minister of Environment, Amina Mohammed, her support is vital to the sustenance of peace in the Korea Peninsula.

“Peace in the Korean Peninsula means peace in the world, and we all want peace. Nigeria will benefit in the peninsula, and we (South Korea) will not forget their support in the future,” added Counselor, Deputy Chief of Mission to Nigeria, Yong-min Song.

“71 countries have offered written support of the achievements of the inter-Korea summit including African nations as Egypt, Sudan and South Africa. As a leader of the continent and beyond I look forward to seeing Nigerian government’s support to the summit,” said Lee In-tae.

Addressing questions on the ongoing measures for peace in the Peninsula, and how sincere North Korea is on denuclearization, the Ambassador In-tae said many are not one hundred certain of North Korea’s sincerity on denuclearization. However, he affirmed South Korea is hoping for peace in the region, noting that there will be many opportunities to check North Korea’s activities via both sides frequent meetings in the future, starting with General Officer level military dialogue to take place in May.

In addition, experts, South Korea and United States media will be a part of the closure and dismantling process of North Korea’s nuclear test site in Punggye-ri, Gilju-gun County in Hamgyeongbuk-do Province next month.

Cheong Wa Dae Press Center said the Chairman Kim Jong-un agreed to invite the press and experts during the dismantling process to assure transparency on the denuclearization process. The two Koreas agreed to set date soon for the site’s closure.

North Korea will also realign its time zone to South Korea’s which the former switched from standard time leaving it 30 minutes behind the south.

Meantime, Chairman Kim Jong-un has said he will abandon nuclear weapons if the U.S. will relent its aggressive policy towards North Korea.

South Korea’s Presidential Senior Secretary for Public Relations Yoon Young-chan revealed that the North Korean leader, said it has no plans to use military or nuclear weapons under any circumstance against South Korea, the Pacific Ocean or the U.S. to achieve reunification in the peninsula.

“The US is inherently hostile toward North Korea, but through dialogue, it will become apparent that we have no intention to target South Korea, the Pacific Ocean or the U.S. with nuclear weapons. If we are able to build trust with the U.S., through frequent meetings, and promises to end war, and practice a policy of non-aggression, there is no reason for us to live a hard life with nuclear weapons,” offered Kim Jong-un.