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MultiChoice Enjoins African Media Practitioners To Leverage On Technology



Advancement in technology presents both opportunities and challenges for all especially African media practitioners who must harness its vast potentials, CEO of General Entertainment at MultiChoice, Yolisa Phahle has said.

Speaking at the ongoing Digital Dialogue Conference in Dubai, Phahle urged African media practitioners to respond to the uncertainties of what the digital future means “for our industries and perhaps more importantly, what it means for our people and consumers.

“As we look to the future of news and media organizations, the conversation is focused on three words: content, technology and customer which we believe will continue to be essential for any news or media organization that wants to survive and grow in the future” she added.

Phahle who was the first speaker at the two day conference organised by MultiChoice said MultiChoice was conscious of this and was “looking forward to investing even more in telling local stories, documenting our history and providing a platform for Africans to share African stories”.

She insisted that more than anything else, tecnology provides the opportunity for African media practitioners to tell stories that educate and inform African audiences, and importantly, take African stories to the world, and create a global market.

“By using the internet and leveraging technology, we have the ability to reach audiences at a global level and the success of companies like Iroko TV, artists like Davido, actresses like Lupeter Nyongo and the movie Black Panther are confirmation that the world is ready to consume African stories, celebrate African culture and embrace African languages”

Phahle said content, technology and the consumer remained three key things media companies must pay utmost attention to so as to survive.

“Relevant content will allow people to consume more of what they want when they want it and second rate media companies who aren’t able to embrace this technology will simply not survive.

“In this new world we have to constantly improve the way we measure customer satisfaction levels, and customer needs, to ensure we provide existing and future customers with a seamless and exceptional service on multiple platforms” she enthused.

Speakers at the conference assert that digital, multiplatform, technology, relevant and well-differentiated content and a people strategy for talent and customers are the key to future survival.