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MUTUK Condemns, Seek End To Benue Killings.



Tiv people resident in the United Kingdom, under the auspices of Mutual Union of Tiv in the United Kingdom, (MUTUK) have condemned the recent escalation of killings in Benue State and condoled with the families of victims of the despicable acts.

MUTUK particularly expressed sadness over the grotesque killings at St. Ignatius Catholic Church, Ukpor-Mbalom in Gwer East local government area, where 19 Tiv
people lost their lives in an attack in a church, including two priests.

In a statement issued Friday, and signed by its president, Mr Kuram Gwakyaa, the body pointed out that the horrific killings in 2018 were the culmination of years of unchecked violence.

“This is a hugely complicated issue that has been made even worse through religious hatred. It is beyond our powers as a non-governmental body to deliver a solution to this dire situation, but we are committed to doing anything within our powers to ensure a swift resolution is made by the relevant bodies,” the statement read in part.

MUTUK layed the blame for the killings at the doorstep of the federal government, which, according to the body, had failed to act thus far, but said it was high time the government stepped in to resolve the wretched situation in Benue State.

“We understand the frustration of those who have been living in the nightmare of the herdsmen terror in Benue. We have heard your plea that there has been enough talking, and that decisive action is desperately needed. We acknowledge the need to act in any way we can. We, the Tivs in the UK, are working to identify further measures we can take in the coming days and will communicate these in due course.

“In the meantime, we will continue to campaign and tell the world about this issue,” the statement added.



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