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I Love Being Neat – Dooaga




Dooga Rita Nguumbur was born on the 12 March, 1987 to the family of Mr and Mrs Dooga Daniel Agenda of Konshisha Local Government Area of Benue State. She is the sixth child in the family of eight.

She obtained her first school leaving certificate from Peace Nursery and Primary School, Makurdi then proceeded to Divine Love Catholic Girls Secondary School Katsina-Ala where she obtained her Senior School Certificate in 2005. Thereafter, she proceeded to the Federal University of Agriculture where she studied and obtained a Bachelor’s of Science Education (B.Sc Education) degree in Mathematics\Statistics in 2011. She is now a fashion designer.


I am Miss Dooga Rita Nguumbur.  I was born on the 12 March, 1987 to the family of Mr and Mrs Dooga Daniel Agenda of Konshisha Local Government Area of Benue State. I am the sixth child in the family of eight.

I obtained my first school leaving certificate in 1999 from Peace Nursery and Primary School, Makurdi. I then proceeded to Divine Love Catholic Girls Secondary School Katsina-Ala where I obtained my Senior School Certificate in 2005.

Thereafter, I proceeded to Federal University of Agriculture where I studied and obtained a Bachelor’s of Science Education (B.Sc Education) degree in Mathematics\Statistics in 2011. By the special grace of God, I was mobilized for the mandatory one year National Youth Service to Imo State in 2015 and completed same in 2016.

All these were possible only by the special grace of God.


It all started like a joke. Then I was in the primary school.  When I was in primary four there was this classmate of mine who was always looking very neat and I so much admired the way she appeared in school everyday. Her name was Nkiruka  Aaron. Since I also loved looking neat and I didn’t know how to go about it, I then ensured that I washed my uniform everyday and before  I knew it, they became weak and worn out. Since then, I picked fashion as my trade so that when I became of age, I would sew and make clothes for my family because I was optimistic that her mum was the one behind the neat appearance.

And so, after I graduated from high school, all my friends were like, “let’s go to the computer centres and enrol for computer lessons”, but I told them that I was not interested in computer but fashion designing. They laughed at me saying that the trade I chose was for the disabled and illiterate people and not for an educated lady like me. Rather than get discouraged, I stood my ground and told them I loved it and wanted to learn the trade. That was how I started learning how to sew after my secondary education.

My love for fashion is beyond comprehension because nobody and I mean nobody compelled me to do the trade. So, I do it whole heartedly without looking for excessive gains. I do my job to the best of my ability and strength. As it is now, I am loved by so many people because of just the way I handle my scissors, tape and display my sewing skills. My family, friends, clients, mates and people out there are always proud of me anywhere. Others give words of commendation and recommend others for the area of specialization because by they all know what Mrs. Rinaun Scissors Trendy can do.


Should I say it has been easy all these years; certainly not my dear people. Getting to where I am today, it is just by the mercy and grace of God and at the same time, my desire and interest in fashion because like I earlier said nobody took me into learning the trade I did it because I loved it. I love tailoring and if given a chance to choose a trade again, fashion would still be my number one and nothing else. My position is because fashion can never  be outdated and even when we mourn we still wear clothes, not to mention the outfit people make for weddings and other celebrations. Sewing is one of the sweetest things I love doing especially now that white collar jobs are not there for the teeming graduate youths in Nigeria.


It has always been my desire since the day I left my boss’ workshop to have a big place where I will establish a fashion school; a place where I can train people who are interested in the trade to be self reliant the same way I am.


My hobbies are gisting with friends and loved ones, watching films, washing and sewing.


My mentors are Mr and Mrs Tersoo Victoria Juluku, they were always there for me and made sure I did the right thing at the right time. They always supported me both financially and morally. Kudos to them for their love and kindness towards me. Also to my late elder brother Bemsar Justice Dooga may his soul continue to rest with the Lord, I will never forget his words of encouragement which I am still working hard to achieve.


My memorable moments are when my clients criticise my work and I know very well that I did the right thing


My odd days are when customers  that I have not finished their dresses come to take their clothes and  find them unfinished, and when those that their dress are ready fail to turn up.


This job is not gender exclusive, it does not know whether you are old or young, poor or rich, educated or illiterate, able or living with disability, it carries everybody who avails his or herself along to learn. You will do it with ease before you know it; you will be making dresses for your younger ones. I am a living testimony. Therefore my advice to our ladies is that gone are those days when ladies look out for readymade men, now the reverse is the case. Thus, my ladies, don’t allow men to be continually giving money for your upkeep; work hard to make your family proud. Stop moving your certificate on all the nooks and crannies of the country looking for white collar jobs, use your head and hands to do something great for the society. Even as a graduate, it is not too late to learn a trade, go out there and get yourself involved in any handwork your have passion for, you will even do it better because you have acquired more knowledge about life and you can utilise your time well and better. For those that are still young and tender, this is the right time for you to learn because you have less issues occupying your mind.

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