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Aircraft Poaching: FAAN Sets Up Regular Patrol



The management of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has set up a regular patrol which escort aircraft on arrival and departure from the airport.

Airport manager of MMIA, Mrs Victoria Shin-Aba, who disclosed this recently in a chat with journalists pointed out that since the incidents were reported, the Authority had made it mandatory that aircraft departing, day or night must be escorted to the holding position.

Shin-Aba said that before the Authority took such decision, the management had looked at other prevailing factors that could encourage such things like the stalls, bushes around the runway which were completely destroyed.

Since then, the airport manager said they have not been having issues with aircraft poaching.

Informing that the video surveillance was equally used to address the problem, she said, “We tried the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras; though we had a little hitch but we can still monitor the aircraft on CCTV when taxing. That is just a stop-gap because headquarters is doing a holistic one that will cover the whole perimeter of the airside.”

She said the CCTV was just an attempt to temporarily address the issues because they were under pressure at that point in time.

“We had to do that particular area which is helpful too. We are going to do another fence just around that area too,” she added.

Appreciating the efforts of the federal government on improving security at the MMIA airside, the airport manager said “the government is trying because we have a perimeter fence and an inner fence and even now we want to do another third layer fence just to make sure that the place is secure. In the last two months we have not had any issue and I believe it shall be so.”

On the ease of doing business at the airports, Shin-Aba affirmed that the airports especially the international airports as entry points into the country should by all means made to be business friendly.

She said that was why FAAN was trying to make sure that everybody coming into the country to do business has an enabling environment in such a manner that they were not harassed, and that they did not pay what they were not supposed to pay.

“We want them to pay in an easy and convenient way so that they do business easily. We have started with visa on arrival which is okay now. People coming to do business in Nigeria will just go to the immigration website fill the form and they will send something to them that will show the airline and on getting here, we have constructed a cubicle for innovation, it is very convenient and comfortable; we will use them to process the visa.”

She added that the cashless operation was for convenience, comfort and to reduce interactions and money changing hands.

She therefore, said the basic thing was that no government official should handle cash, starting from May 14, 2018.

“They are now different modes of payments. We can do online transfer, POS. For FAAN, we are almost there and we are getting ready. FAAN has deployed POS to almost all our revenue points. When you come and want to do any business with FAAN, no FAAN staff will collect cash from you. It is either you do a transfer that goes straight to our Remita accounts, that is TSA account or you pay through the POS that still goes straight to Remita.

“In case you don’t have ATM and you can’t do transfer and you have cash; we now have some agents of Remita because the money goes to Remita. They will be strategically positioned to collect those cash. As they collect the cash, they issue receipt,” Shin-Aba emphasised.