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IBB Varsity Begins Use Of Coal To Generate Electricity



The  Vice Chancellor of Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Lapai, Prof Nasir Maiturare has disclosed that  the university is set to begin the production of smokeless coal to power coal electricity plant  for domestic use.

He said at an interactive session that the university research arm is putting final touches to the public presentation of the product to the university’s community and other stakeholders within its immediate communities.

Maiturare  said although the use of the coal for electrical power generation is on the decline world wide and its attendant negative public attitude. “The research team at IBB University has identified the variants amongst good and bad coals and proffer solution to the problem.

According to him, “Not all coals are environmentally harmful for electricity power generation and even for the so-called bad coals , the research team led by the university’s director of Applied Research, Prof Nuhu Obaje has identified the processing of cleaning up such coals for electricity generation”.

Maiturare said the introduction of smokeless coal for domestic usage will reduce the disastrous effect of firewood and charcoal usage for domestic cooking on the eco-system such as desert encroachment and poor rainfall patterns.

The vice chancellor noted that the research findings had shown that the use of 30 per cent diluted benzonic and formic acid on coals makes it smokeless, thereby allowing the abundant coals deposits in the country to be used for power generation in a friendly and environmentally sustainable manner.

  Prof  Obaje said the university had received N21 million grant from TETfund for the research work and that the team had established the abundance of the coal deposits in Okaba, Ogboyaga, Omeleh areas in Kogi State, Owukpa in Benue State and Lafia-Obi in Nasarawa State which are geochemically and petrologically characterized.

He said the research finding shows that some of the coal deposits has high hydrogen content which combusts seamlessly producing little or no smoke as opposed to those coal with low hydrogen which has low index value and combusts slowly, thereby producing smoke which can also be  treated to stop it from producing smoke.