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Group Seeks Active Participation In Community Empowerment



A non- governmental organisation, Connected Development (CODE), has stressed the need for prospective actors, continent wide to join in the active participation of promoting capital projects in their communities.

CODE, which laid emphasis on capital projects such as Health, Education, Environment, explained that it would be for the benefit of the poor and less privileged in communities.

The CEO CODE, Hamzat Lawal said this during the screening of its documentary, ‘Perspective’, at the Yar’ Adua Centre. The documentary was based majorly on the ‘Effects of Mining activities in Cote D’ Ivoire, Ghana and Nigeria.’ The documentary which was in three parts, focused majorly on three local communities in Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana and Nigeria.

The documentary showed that in Cote D’I voire, the effects of embargo placed on mining of diamonds by the international community, made the local dwellers to be marginalised. The result was that they became poor, were not able to feed, with some migrating to other areas in search of better livelihood and cases of divorce with no compensation from the government.

It also showed in Ghana, the effects of construction of infrastructure across people’s lands by the government from the mining centre to the mining field of gold deposits, making the lands uninhabitable to the local owners without granting them any compensation at all, only making unfulfilled promises. Many of these people end up suffering and have no ability or anyone to help fight for their rights.

On the documentary’s report on Nigeria, the local community taken as case study was Badega in Zamfara State, which was a poor community where there was nothing like electricity, borehole or good access roads, leaving the citizens desolate, without help and oblivious of what was happening in the outside world. Through the help of CODE, they now have good access roads, good schools, access to the internet, hospital facilities, borehole for good drinking water, make shift cinema to be able to communicate with the outside world and new improved lifestyle.

While introducing a new initiative called ‘Follow The Money’, the CEO, Lawal, said, “We need to stop tweeting and complaining on Facebook about the situation, waiting and expecting the government to do something. We all should rise up, be active participators and do something positive. Look around you and become involved in a project in your locality or community that will go a long way in improving the lives of those local dwellers. If we all do this, we will be making maximum impact in our nation, continent, securing the future of these young ones, improving their lives and making life worth living for them.”




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