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Miracle’s Win Is My Win – Nina



Nina Chinonso Onyeobi made the Top 5 of the Big Brother Naija Double Wahala Edition. In this interview with SAMUEL ABULUDE, the native of Imo State speaks on her experience in Big Brother and love relationship interest in the winner, Miracle.

How does it feel being part of Big Brother Najia?

It was cool and crazy at the same time.

What makes it crazy?

Then I wasn’t being expensive, I felt people were attacking me, anything they say, I felt hurt.

Were you controversial in the house?

No, I was not.

Do you believe you are controversial?

I was not controversial. They believe what they want to believe.

So many things happened in the house, the good, the bad and the ugly. Which one can you remember?

Well, everything happened, everything was cool. We learnt from both the good and bad ones.

This is your first launching out in reality shows, were you intimidated in the house?

Yes, I was intimidated because of the voice. Everyone’s voice was loud, that intimidated me a lot. And then, most of the people in the house have experienced life more than myself, but I learnt from them.

Midway into the show, you picked up. How did you get the courage?

Yes I did. Like I said earlier, I learnt from them and so I had to pick up even with Big Brother’s encouragement.

If you were asked to strike a balance with Miracle, would you continue with him?

Well, we are cool. Our relationship is cool.

Where is the relationship leading to?

For now, we are just cool.

I learnt you are both planning to travel to Dubai. Is this true?

(Skeptical) Yes it’s possible, I don’t know.

Are you still in school?

Yes, I’m in my final year, Imo State University precisely. I’m studying English and Literary Studies.

English and Literary Studies and entertainment, how did you come about it?

No, that wasn’t the plan. I just wanted to study English because, that’s the course I needed because, it might be of help to me in future. But then, what I really want is fashion, entertainment, beauty and the rest.

So you may take a shot in acting?

Yes. Sure, acting, TV presentation and the rest.

When are you going back to Owerri?

We have been doing a lot now since we got back to Nigeria. So, I don’t think I will continue for now. I might wait for the year to end then, continue next year to finish up.

You got into the house with the hope of winning, how did you feel when you didn’t win?

Well, Miracle’s win is my win because we were very close in the house. When Big Brother asked me who I wanted to win, I said Miracle. As he’s the winner right now, it feels, l as if I’m also a winner.

Were you this quiet before going into the house?

I was quiet. Everything in the house was just me but then, I’ve improved a lot because in the house, you learn a lot that would improve you positively or negatively. So right now, I’ve improved a lot in a positive way.

Has Nina lost her innocence?

No. I’m still the innocent person everybody knows. I’m still me.

Leaving the house now, what did you learn from the show?

Well, being a celebrity is not easy but I’m still trying to cope with it. The life is not an easy one really. This is what I signed up for, so I have to accept it and know how to leave the life of a celebrity.

How would you describe your personality?

I’m a very nice, easy going person and I love learning.