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DCP Abdurrahman’s Triumph In Kaduna Violence Free LG Polls



The success of any elections globally is bench-marked on peaceful and civil orderliness, one which can only be achieved through proactive of security agencies. The just concluded may 10th local government elections in Kaduna state was an eye opener to the Nigeria Police effective operations in the provision of security of the electorates and election officials.  Speculations by public analysts anticipated breakdown of law, violence and bloodshed in various communities owing to the fierce political opposition and intra-party lines which played out in the Kaduna State polity in few months.

In achieving this magnitude of a violence free local government elections in the 23 LGA’s, the Kaduna State Commissioner of police Austin Iwar had to strategical map out a vigorous operational master plan with his deputy commissioner in charge of operations, DCP Ahmad Abdurrahman, who is charged with executing all operations of the police command. Police personnel were drawn from the Mobile Force PMF, Counter Terrorist Unit CTU, Air Surveillance, Explosive Ordinane Disposal [EOD], K9 and the Armored Personnel Carriers [APC].

On the day of elections, DCP Ahmad Abdurrahman in full combat sway, charged the officers who were on election duties across the state make the police proud as well as respecting the rights of electorates and abiding by the electoral laws and regulations. DCP Ahmad Abdurrahman, moved to election units and coalition centers in company of Kadsiecom Chairman Dr. Saratu Binta Dikko for a direct impact assessment of the elections. The duo went by air using police surveillance helicopter. This is indeed the first of its kind in Kaduna State as commented by a voter in one of the polling units visited in Zaria, been delighted to see firsthand synergy between police and SEICOM.

As the kudos keep flying and encomiums keep pouring in for the operation team led by DCP Ahmad Abdurrahman Nigerians must learn to support the police.