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In Pursuit Of Economic Educational Advancement



Ejiro Uriri Osiobe  is the founder and Chief Financial Officer, Ane Osiobe International Foundation; a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), which operates an Economic Development Organization (EDO) in the city of Abuja. In this interview with LEADERSHIP he speaks on advocating and supporting educational advancement to assist students in achieving their personal educational goals towards economic development.
Ejiro Osiobe holds a master’s degree in Economics from Wichita State University with a concentration in Financial and Internationale Economics. He is currently undergoing a Doctorate course in Economic development  at New Mexico State University.
He is an Instructor of Macro Economics at New Mexico State.
About Ane Asiobe Foundation….
Ane Asiobe International Foundation is a non- governmental organization established in June 2015 with a goal to reach out to different regions and small communities in Africa by reaching out to the less privileged. The  Foundation, serves to increase the public understanding on the benefit of supporting educational advancement and supporting a child that has the desire in getting a sound education. We intend to fight these issues through cultural and harmonious approaches, including but not limited to, parent education on the benefits of investing in their child’s education, providing educational scholarship, grant awarding, community outreach, and campaigns.
Ane Osiobe International Foundation is a premiere choice for students in the city of Abuja and Nigeria that are in need of educational support and social services. By uniting staff, clients, and community resources we will inspire and assist students in achieving their personal educational goals while meeting the challenges of excellence in an ever changing world.
Ane Osiobe Health and Nutrition
At Ane Osiobe H & N we are determined in challenging the modus operandi of the Health and Nutrition industry in Nigeria.We intend to achieve this, by working with local farmers, healthcare practitioners and letting the invisible hand of the market create spillovers that will foster growth and development in the health and nutrition industry in Nigeria.
We are also  dedicated to advocating and advancing the missions and visions of the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) and the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Health by supporting and facilitating the agricultural sector and advocating policies that will strengthen the Nigerian healthcare system for an efficient, accessible, and affordable delivery of healthcare services in the rural areas.
With our health programs we envision a Nigeria in which the researchers, innovators, health practitioners, and  scholars cultivate an environment in which R & D dispense from the city of Abuja across the nation. H & N will serve as a private-NGO food bank that mobilizes public-private partnerships and provides financial, emotional, and technical support to deliver nutritious foods to those people most at risk of malnutrition. Our programmes  will ensure better diets through nutritional organic grown produce.
Inspiration behind starting the foundation….
My inspiration stemmed from the economic situation in the country and the living conditions of people in the country, especially those in the rural areas. With the current economic condition in Nigeria, the middle-class families tend to be gradually disappearing due to inequality in the distribution of the nation’s natural resources. These families, “middle-class families” are over-qualified for a better life in the country, given the fact that they have contributed directly or indirectly to the development and recognition of our nation. However, they wake up to discover that the basic qualities to give their children a better life and a comparative or competitive advantage with their peers round the world have been taken from them or, the fees are too expensive for them.
With the assistance of grants and donations, our foundation will dedicate it’s time to give these children the resources they need in order to ensure that individuals and children in need are taken care of in a timely manner.
How the NGO has fared so far…
Our work has helped to support many Nigerian children in their academic endeavors. The foundation has carried out five outreach programs in less than three years,and on March 3rd, 2018 the foundation launched a sustainable agricultural farm called the Ane Osiobe Altruism Farm located at Gwagwalada, FCT, Nigeria. The produce from the farm will be used to support a residential school for the blind located at Jabi, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria.
Ejiro Osiobe was opportune to share the vision of the Farm at the Western Social Science Association 60th Annual Conference on April 7th, 2018 in San Antonio, TX. Ane Osiobe International Foundation has a successful model which resonates with the people and children of Nigeria. Ejiro Osiobe is presently driving different programs that will go beyond the city of Abuja such as the Ane Osiobe Health and Nutrition Department (Ane Osiobe H & N), the Ane Osiobe Trendsetters series (TSS), and the Ane Osiobe Product Line Department. These departments aim at supporting and growing the local economy of Nigeria indeed; this is an Economic Development Organization.
How my experience can impact on the economy…
In 2014 as a graduate student at Wichita State University, I was part of a team of five that started the Office of Student Money Management. Holding the position(s) of the Lead Peer Financial Coach and International Student Liaison, my teammates and I were able to provide money management advice to the students at Wichita State University.

As a graduate teaching assistant at Wichita State University and New Mexico State University, I delve into the concepts of economic growth and development in rural and urban areas around the world. All these are what I am bringing to bare in executing projects.
How we receive funding…
I ensure that every action taken in or on behalf of the foundation is done with the highest ethical standards and with full compliance to the rule of law I assured my teammates that the foundation will not rely wholly on donors as its source of revenue hence, I introduced the foundation’s clothing line business. These businesses have a development agenda; they will provide jobs, opportunities to women, children and the poor.
What we intend doing in the nearest future..
We intends to advocate for safe spaces and promote a healthy psycho-social environment Malaria Prevention and Control  and also advocate against violence and use of offensive words in schools.

Why we established Altruism Farm…..
The altruism farm was established with the hope to support the feeding of students at the Special Needs School (Abuja School for the Blind) located in Jabi, FCT Nigeria.