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Every State Should Be Responsible For Subsidy – Govs



Governors under the aegis of the Nigerian Governors Forum have suggested that each state should be responsible for the payment of subsidy claims according to the daily consumption rate of the state .

This was disclosed by the Zamfara State governor and Chairman of NGF, Abdulaziz Yari after a meeting of the forum on Wednesday night .

He said the claims by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation that Nigeria consumes 65 per life daily is false.

According to him “Each of every state should be responsible for subsidy according to the consumption of that state.

The governor said he briefed his colleagues about the meeting with the vice president earlier in the day

He said “On the issue of cost recovery otherwise called subsidy, the issue of subsidy resurfaced again after the efforts of Mr. President. Before now the oil was $40 per barrel and now it is about $78 a barrel, so therefore they are depending largely on importation.

“So therefore, the cost is higher than what they are selling at the filling station and they need more money. When there was no cost recovery, the NNPC clearly gave us the number of 33 and 35 million liters per day as the consumption of Nigeria.

” But now that with the new regime of cost recovery, NNPC is claiming daily consumption of 60 and 65 million liters per day? Which we rejected and said no. So many of our international partners are saying that even if we are feeding Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana and Niger, we cannot consume more than 35 million liters per day. So we are wondering where the 60 million liters is coming from. So, we are trying to sort that one out, that one is not yet resolved.

Continuing, he said “But, we are now taking a very hard decision, that because NNPC said the reason why they were lifting 60 million per day is because our borders are porous, so we have taken the decision that any filling station that is 10 kilometers on the border side should be closed by DPR.

“And, then we will do recertification according to the needs. Secondly, we have directed the minister of Finance in collaboration with the DPR and the NNPC to our tracking devices on every truck in other to monitor where they are discharging the fuel.

“Because, we are suspicious of the number, we cannot confirm the difference from 30 million liters per day consumption to 60 and 65 million lite w per day consumption. So these are our decisions on the NNPC.

When asked if the governors will investigate the subsidy and daily production claims by the NNPC, he said it’s not about investigation but about knowing the future supply .

He added that they are taking each state at a time noting that some unscrupulous element may take advantage of a probe to create artificial scarcity.

On the radio and TV licence, Yari noted that they told the consultants to go back to the respective states and go ahead with the job.




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