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Success In Aviation Is Achieved Only Through Team Work – Yadudu

Director of Airport Operations, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria FAAN, Captain Rabiu Yadudu has said that the only way to achieve success in aviation is through team work
Capt. Yadudu made the observation at the directorate of airport operations strategic management officers’ retreat which took place in Ijebu Ode in Ogun State recently with the theme: “Operations Directorate: Strategy Development Action Plan”.
In his opening remarks at the retreat which was attended by airport managers drawn from different parts of the country, the airport director also called for the need to review and improve airport management model for greater efficiency and accountability,stressing that the only way to achieve success is through team work and being abreast with the dynamic nature of the global aviation standards.
According to Yadudu, airport managers must remain current and operate in harmony with global aviation industry trends, programmes and initiatives.

The director said airport managers must also work to adopt the culture of the age of competence, the culture of technical knowledge, technology, safety, security and efficiency.
“We must accept, support and cooperate with each other as partners in progress towards the achievement of a common organizational goal. This is the only way to work and succeed as a team. And success in Aviation is achieved only through team work”
Yadudu added that airport managers must start to enhance their destiny by identifying themselves through their profession”.
Advising fellow workers, Yadudu pointed out that “We must understand that FAAN is not a being in itself or of itself. It is just a concept personified by us. And as such it has nothing tangible to gain or lose. As human beings and employees, we alone stand to gain or lose from whatever it is that we choose to sow in the fertile farm field that is FAAN”.