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Poor Upbringing Causes Divorce- Anglican Primate



The Primate of Anglican Communion, Most Rev Nicholas D Okoh, has said that poor child upbringing is what is causing several divorce cases in many families.

Speaking at the 10th Synod of the Anglican Communion in Abuja themed: “Christian Family,” held at Basilica of Grace Church, Gudu on Thursday evening, the primate said poor upbringing has now resulted to uncountable cases of divorce in the country.

According to him, many marriages are now having serious problems, which have mostly resulted to divorce as the only remedy.

Primate Okoh, who warned Christians to shun the act of divorce, said “God gives answer to all questions.”

“Many people went to court for divorce but I bet you the only place to solve issues like this is the house of God,” Primate Okoh said adding, “If you raised your children in the house of God, things like this will not be there.”

In his sermon, the Bishop of Ibadan South, Rt Rev Akintunde A Popoola, advised parents and guardians to shape the lives of their children by giving them the needed training that will help them cope in whatever situation they find themselves.

“You can see that the error we have in the society from schools, colleges and universities actually have their foundations from homes. If homes handled their responsibilities properly, things like this would not be much.”

“So, mothers and fathers need to stick to their jobs so that our homes will be a better place. Children must be totally obedient to their parents and also dedicate themselves to God.”





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