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Taekwando: Binga Seek Government Support



President of the Nigeria Taekwando Federation (NTF), Mrs Margret Binga appealed to government to place interest in sports promotion which according to her will not only make the youths engaged but also place Nigeria in the level of the developed country.

Binga stated this at the first national taekwondo junior championship held on Thursday at the Package B of National Stadium, Abuja.

Considering Nigeria’s population and the number of talented youths across the country, she is optimistic that if government give financial support to NTF, they would competing with the highest ranked athletes in the world.

“I want to appeal to (federal) government  to support taekwondo so as to take the sport to where it ought to be. If we really want to do well in sport we need to spend, if we don’t spend money, we cannot get result.

“If Nigeria can spend as much as the Northern African countries, Nigerian athletes would have been among the highly and best  rated in the world.”

She believes Nigeria has the talents that can make her rule the world in taekwondo if they are given the necessary support.

“This tournament has shown that we have great talents exhibiting the great skills that we don’t see the senior team displaying. This shows we have bright future ahead of us. We gave them the platform and opportunity at their early stage so in the future we will have athletes that will make Nigeria proud”