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Assemblies Of God Church Not Divided



The leadership of the Assemblies of God in Nigeria, has said the church remains one united body of Christians under the headship of its General Suprintendent, Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor.

Reverend Jacob Lang, the Jos District Superintendent and executive committee member of the church, at a press conference, said the Northern leaders of the church comprising executive committee representatives, met on May 10 in Jos, Plateau State and deliberated on matters affecting the church.

According to him, the Assemblies of God, Nigeria went through trial from 2012 to 2017, when the Supreme Court affirmed the suspension and dismissal of the church’s former General Superintendent, Rev Dr Paul Emeka on the ground of “gross misconduct and constitutional breaches.”

Rev Lang disclosed that after the protracted legal battle that shook the unity of the church, the AGN’s Trustees, in conjunction with the church leadership, gave an “Olive Branch”, to some of the congregation members who were deceived.

“The Assemblies of God, Nigeria is not divided. It is one body addressed as General Council, Assemblies of God Nigeria, headed by Rev Dr Chidi Agodi Okoroafor.

“The Assemblies of God, Nigeria presently is back as one, with about 99 per cent of her ministers and members. All of the Bible Schools/seminaries, the AG Mortgage Bank, the Evangel University, the Press and bookshop, as well as other sub-institutions are intact with the General Council, Assemblies of God Nigeria.”

He accused Rev Emeka’s ally in the North of waging a media war against the church.

He also said Yakubu Pam stands suspended.

“Rev Paul Emake’s ally in Nothern Nigeria is Rev Yakubu Pam who has toed the line of Paul Emeka in using print and electronic media against the Assemblies of God Nigeria in the North. Rev Yakubu Pam is known for causing divisions and disagreements in Christian circles,” Lang said.

He disclosed that the church has continued to pray for the peace, progress and the prosperity of Nigeria