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AUN Graduates 158 Students



The American University of Nigeria (AUN) has graduated a total of 158 students who exiled in various courses of the institution in Adamawa State.

President Dawn Dekle, at the graduation, said her vision for AUN is based on the belief that accessibility to the benefits of education supports a dynamic and prosperous society.

Dekle said Nigeria is undergoing a remarkable transformation, a renaissance, adding that developing education is an important pillar in building national stability and the key to transformation.

“Today, I am launching a new hashtag, #AUNLeads. We will not be Nigeria’s best-kept secret any longer.

“We will be top of mind as thought leaders in education, and we will be bottom of heart in our growing AUN family, of which you are all members. #AUNLeads will go where no university has gone before, paving the way for other universities to follow.

“We are going to rock Nigeria, rock Africa, and claim our place on the world stage for higher education.

“It is with humility and dedication that I accept the Presidency of American University of Nigeria. I see myself not just as your President, but as AUN’s champion of integration and engagement.

“I therefore pledge to uphold the AUN mission, and to do all that I can to propel our entire learning community forward, and to carry everyone along. Together, let’s marshal AUN toward outreach, engagement, and service to all, as a true institute of public benefit.”

“The American University of Nigeria is based in the Northeast Region, but is intended to serve all of Nigeria, Africa and beyond. Our academic programs are grounded in the liberal arts and emphasise critical thinking.

“Our learning community is dedicated to diversity and tolerance, so all viewpoints are considered and debated. We don’t just teach, we transform.

“It has been said that you are the generation that can close the gap between dreaming and doing. Your civilisations courses at the university have taught you that there are moments in history where civilisations redefine themselves.

“I believe we are standing in the middle of one right now. When the next history books are written, what do you want them to say about you, about this redefining moment? We have an unprecedented opportunity to make a difference, and as President of the American University of Nigeria, I charge the graduates to take up this challenge. This is your turn to write the next chapter, to add your voice to the narrative, in solving the pressing matters of this time. You are ready.”