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How Govt Can Tackle Infrastructural Deficit Through Financial Prudence



As one of the major partakers in the Dankwambo-led administration in Gombe State, saddled with the administration’s information management, one is compelled by the salient lessons of history to lend a voice to the innuendoes going round in the state by Governor Dankwambo’s morbid haters who has nothing to offer but plunge the state into unnecessary bickerings  and political chaos; politicians consumed with personal ambition with all their intemperance and illogicality, mostly without any modicum of character or self-dignity.

In a state like Gombe, with superfluous cerebral minds and people of integrity, only a few, if any, could have imagined the existence of such reactionary elements within the society, and directed at none other than Dr. Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo, an astute and exemplary accountant whose integrity and exceptional performance as Gombe State executive governor transcends the state’s boundary, acclaimed nationwide for his prudence in the management of the state resources.

At an auspicious time in the nation’s political history and recession period, when almost all the states in the federation have been bedeviled with the lingering issue of non-salary payment in spite of the Federal Government’s intervention to control the alarming situation, the Dankwambo-led administration stands tall among its equals as one state Governor with the magic wand whose strict  rules and abhorrence to issues of financial mismanagement is desirous of note by the Buhari-led Federal Government.

Governor Dankwambo through his concern for the downtrodden and the talakawas in Gombe State have madethe people realize that their condition can be remedied if they move in certain political directions that could help transform government policies and programmes. His tenacious optimism in the emancipation of Gombe indicates that he has not miffed in his belief that the best is yet to be, reforming and channeling all his affection towards Gombe, his childhood place of birth; his symbol of the Nigerian motherland.

While some governors perceive their political office as a call to serve their states, others perceive power as an avenue for wealth accumulation. In contemporary political philosophy, politics is a subject which has the distinction of intimate interaction between the government and its citizens, with an even greater need for inspired leadership and dynamism in a state where the basic needs of life such as education, rural and urban regional planning, revolutionary development in agricultural inputs has hitherto been denied.

The concern therefore as the curtain begins to fall on Governor Dankwambo’s tenure in the state, one is tempted by the call to service to emphasize the need for the cohesiveness in governance; the operational conceptualization of key programmes and projects of the Dankwambo-led administration as one of the key determinants to ensure the consolidation of the state’s socio-economic and industrial development. Successive governments in Gombe have to show more commitment and imbibe the essential continuity element to consolidate the gains of the Dankwambo-led administration especially on matters of socio-economic growth and industrial development.

As we set the stage therefore in the periscope of Governor Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo’s major interventions, landmark reforms and capital projects in the state, which are legion, our focus is on the construction of the multi-billion Naira Gombe International Conference Centre provided with the latest Information Communication Technology, ICT. A casual visitor to Gombe and Abuja, the nation’s federal capital will attest to the 21st Century architectural design of Gombe International Conference Centre far beyond its Abuja counterpart. The Gombe  edifice has a 30,000 sitting capacity, with additional 5,000 in place. This is capable of providing massive foreign exchange earnings to the state, and in socio economic terms provided employment opportunities to over 1,000 citizens of the state.

We have to show more commitment as a people in order to develop our state; it is not a matter of rhetoric but of a concrete step in the right direction, using the abundant human and material resources available.

– Junaidu Usman Abubakar is Senior Special Assistant, Press, to Governor Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo Talban Gombe.



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