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2019: As SKC Ogbonnia Joins Presidential Race



OLAJIDE OLAJIDE writes on the expression of support the presidential ambition of Dr SKC Ogbonnia, as the aspirant unveils his manifestoes to Nigerians in the United States of America, under the auspices of Nigeria Union Diaspora, (NUD).

Nigerians living in the United States of America, USA, under the auspices of Nigerian Union Diaspora, NUD, gathered on Saturday, April 30, 2018, to host Dr. SKC Ogbonnia, a presidential aspirant on rge platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Houston, Texas, USA. Ogbonnia used the event to unveil his manifestoes and his latest book: The Effective Leadership Formula.

The event, according to NUD Secretary, in a chat with LEADERSHIP, lived up to its billings, as it not only afford the presidential aspirant to unveil his manifestoes, but also to answer questions agitating the minds of Nigerians in the Diaspora about their dear fatherland.

Ogbonnia told hs audience that he believes that “Nigeria’s problem is not lack of natural or human resources. It is also not lack of good policies or the money to implement the policy.

“The problem is squarely the lack of the political will to implement the policies.”

He added, “This failure has continued because there appears to be no consequences for bad behavior in Nigeria. But help is on the way: I am coming in to lead, I am coming in to unleash the abundant potential of Nigeria to greatness.”

He revealed what he has in stock for the country if given the opportunity to serve and these include:

Efficient healthcare delivery, where he promised that his  “administration will make healthcare efficient and affordable for all.”

In this regard, he said that he will start by equipping eight existing hospitals to international standards within six months of being in office, a development he believed will also curb current wave of medical tourism.

Quality Education:  Ogbonnia believed that “Nigeria has the resources for good education,” adding that “What is needed is to pay teachers well enough so that they can focus on teaching and research instead of handouts and petty trading to supplement income.”

Prominent on his agenda is what he also called the Power Revolution, where  he promised to usher in a “power revolution” in the country through a “decentralised energy policy that will include the state and federal governments and the private sector…every state of the federation has a source of energy.”

He added, “I know exactly what to do; there will be no excuses”

Ogbonnia, who is the Chairman of First Texas Energy Corporation, also said that another area his administration will look at is Massive Youth Employment.

Here, he said that he will address youth unemployment through the diversification of the economy, and sustained local and foreign investment.

“But it is a wishful thinking to expect good results in any of the above without first being able to produce adequate power supply in the country”, he noted.

Other areas that will attract his attention is the restructuring of government.

In this regard, Ogbonnia’s most radical proposal is his vow to scrap the Nigerian Senate towards a unicameral legislature. He insisted that “besides serving as an added conduit to siphon money for selfish interests;9 there is nothing, practically nothing, the Nigerian Senate can do that the House of Representatives, a more representative body, cannot do.”

On the perennial herdsmen/farmers’ clashes across the country, he said that he will encourage every state to build colonies and charge the herdsmen, in a similar fashion to the pattern where traders rent market stalls and pay their taxes.   

Ogbonnia further noted that, as president, he will “disarm any herdsman or woman, whether they are from Nigeria, Libya, or wherever. These killings are barbaric and must stop.”

When asked about his chances of unseating an incumbent president, Ogbonnia rebutted that he is “not running against President Muhammadu Buhari, but in the race to provide better leadership for all Nigerians.

“A history was made in 2015 when an incumbent president was defeated by the opposition. “Another history is in the making, as I am set to defeat President Buhari in a free and fair APC primary.”

A youth leader and the Assistant Secretary of

the Houston, Texas chapter of the APC, Hon. Jonathan Kadiri, a downplayed any fear of division within the party because of internal challenge to President Buhari, reminding that the ruling party encourages internal democracy and will unite behind the party’s nominee at the general elections.

Dr. Ogbonnia touted his latest book, ‘Effective Leadership Formula’, as the philosophical foundation of his presidential aspiration and presidency and the solution to Nigeria’s problems.

The book was well received, with many attendees queuing up to obtain signed copies.

The Chairman of the occasion, Dr. Kanayo Ubesie, a prominent US-based physician, who had an advanced copy of the book, said he was elated that the ‘Effective Leadership Formula’ is a remarkable piece of scholarship and thus deserves wide readership.

The Vice Chairman of World Igbo Congress, WIC, Dr. Festus Okere, hinted that he has followed Ogbonnia’s writings for a long time and can assure that the book, as well as his campaign, is for the best interest of Nigeria.

While the WIC is yet to officially endorse the presidential aspirant, but its support for Ogbonnia’s candidacy was obvious.

Speakers after speakers eulogised the leadership attributes of Ogbonia, and expressed support for his aspiration.

Delivering a vote of thanks, the Organising Chairman and Moderator of the event, Prince Kevin Chime, expressed appreciation to everyone present for the turnout and enthusiasm, noting that Ogbonnia’s candidacy is not only historic, but also courageous and patriotic.

He followed by asking the crowd three times: “Are we united in sending one of our own to go to Nigeria and win the presidency?” and he was greeted with resounding and thunderous ovations of “Yes, Yes, Yes, We Will”, and “Power to the Masses: The Time is NOW”, being the candidate’s campaign slogan.

While acknowledging the support and goodwill of Nigerians in the Diaspora, Dr. Ogbonnia seized the opportunity to inform the gathering that he is winding up with his worldwide consultations and will declare his presidential ambition officially by the end of May. 

“With your support and prayers, I am more emboldened than ever to now take this campaign to Nigeria and ‘succeed where others have failed’.”