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I Accept Challenges In Good Faith – Joy




Mrs Adams Joy is from Okene Local Government Area of Kogi State. Her parents were Alhaji Aliyu Umar and Hajia Hafisat Umar. Joy is the fifth child and second daughter in a family of 10 children. She attended L.E.A Primary School, Kawu and De-Kawu Secondary School both in Kaduna State. She is a hairdresser and operates a saloon.


My name is Mrs Joy Adams. I am a hairdresser and I operate a saloon. I am from Okene Local Government Area of Kogi State. My father is Alhaji Aliyu Umar and my mother is Hajia Hafisat Umar. I am the fifth child and second daughter in a family of 10 children. I attended L.E.A Primary School, Kawu and De-Kawu Secondary School both in Kaduna State.

How did you start?

When I completed my secondary school education, I confided in my mother that I wanted to further my studies. She replied that as I could see my father was ill and she alone could not cater for our needs. So she advised me to either learn a trade or get married. As at that time I had the experience of hair making. So I went to Sabo in Kaduna State which was where we were residing at that time, to a lady called Ada who owned a saloon. I informed her that I wanted to learn the trade and business. So she gave me an estimate of payments that I would make if I wanted to learn the trade under her tutelage. So on informing my mother she told me she could not afford the bill. So I went to television garage, at Yam market, where they sold alcohol. There I confided in another lady, who told me to work with her so that I could raise the required amount. On my first day at this new job, I met a man who came to patronize the parlour and he asked what a pretty and decent girl like me was doing there. So I explained to him. He replied that the setting was not suitable for a girl like me and offered to give me the money to go and learn the business as I initially intended. So I started learning the trade and business as soon as I got the money. That was 13 years ago. While I was there I met a lady called Blessing from Benue State, she agreed to help me rent a shop of my own of which I should be gradually repaying her. So after I succeeded in completing the repayment, I took over the shop. Then I operated the Shop in Sabo, Kaduna. In 2012, when I wanted to get married, my mother was very ill and we didn’t have anyone to help us so I started selling the stuffs in my shop to assist with her health bills but she eventually passed away. So when I came down to Abuja, in Kubwa. I worked with a woman for about six months after which I left and  worked somewhere else before I floated this one.

What is your inspiration?

I have a firm belief that I will make it despite the general economic challenges. There are a lot of businesses that I have talent for. So my inspiration comes from positive thinking.

What are your challenges so far?

My challenge so far is insufficient funds to back up my business. If I have more funds I would increase my shop and run some other businesses concurrently.

Advice to other women

My advice to other women is that they should never give up in whatever they are trying their hands or doing in life especially business. In business you must face challenges. You rise and fall, if you keep doing your best day in and day out and trusting in God you will definitely come through. So my advice to women is that they should not stay idle, because in life these days people no longer wait for other people to do things for them instead they make things happen in order to support their husband, family or siblings. Presently I have siblings that I am supporting, so each time they need my assistance I support them in the ways I can and I thank God for that. Also my younger ones are skilled in various trades so they are also doing fine. Sometime last year when one of my relatives visited me she was very impressed with what she saw. It is only because I did not give up on the business; it is God that has been doing it for me. I always ask God for wisdom and knowledge.

What are your achievements?

Since I started the business I have recorded some achievements. I now own a plot of land in Okene in my state and I also owe another plot of land in Kaduna State. Also, I have been able to support my siblings in their various endeavours and my husband’s business. He is a painter and I have been able to support several aspects of his business, as well as assist him during off business periods.


I like watching films. I like Nigerian films and Telemundo series. I also like to travel especially if it affords me the opportunity to trade along.


I don’t have any regrets in life as I like to think that challenges and struggles are part of life. So when ever any problem comes along I accept it in good faith.