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Democracy Day: Uzodimma Urges Nigerians To Remain Steadfast



The Chairman of the Southern Senators Forum (SSF), Senator Hope Uzodimma has yesterday urged Nigerians not to despair in the face of the daunting economic and socio-political challenges but to remain steadfast for the country’s democracy to endure.

“No democratically elected government will intentionally hurt the voters that put it into office and the All Progressives Congress (APC) under President Muhammadu Buhari remains committed to the welfare of Nigerians. The current challenges facing the country are temporary”, he stated.

Uzodimma, in a goodwill message to Nigerians marking this year’s Democracy Day noted that it was by deliberate choice that the nation chose presidential democracy as the best form of government because it is representative and participatory.

According to him, regardless of its limitations and challenges, democracy remains the best form of government anywhere in the world as it guarantees freedom of choice and speech and that any system that subverts the will of the people destroys the progress of the society.

While congratulating Nigerians on the sustenance of democracy, Uzodimma also charged them to use the 2018 Democracy Day to reflect on their individual contributions to national development with a view to making more meaningful inputs in the years ahead. He urged Nigerians to embrace patriotism and make necessary sacrifices in the interest of building a better Nigeria for all and for posterity.

He said that despite some criticisms, the solid foundation by the present administration has guaranteed a congenial atmosphere where every citizen irrespective of political, religious or ethnic leaning is free to pursue his or her legitimate ambition anywhere in the country without fear of molestation or intimidation.

The Senator who represents Imo West Senatorial District in the upper Chambers of the National Assembly urged Nigeriansto embrace unity and progress; and to exercise patience with President Muhammadu Buhari who is poised to bring succour to them.

Uzodimma commended the “sense of purpose demonstrated by the administration of President Buhari, which has shown Nigerians and the entire world what is possible in Nigeria through a sense of purpose and an unparalleled commitment to the Nigerian people.

“The administration’s great revolution in agriculture has marked out Nigeria as a large producer of rice and this is manifest  in the reduction of the price of of the product in the Nigerian open market “, he said.

He appealed to Nigerians to continue to support the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government irrespective of some negative comments on the administration as such comments were personal opinion,adding that the success of this administration in the economy and security of the country are obvious.

He commended the people of Imo west Senatorial District and indeed, Imo State for the unflinching support they have given him over the years and promised not to let them down.Uzodimma reiterated that his joining the APC was to give them and the entire South-East region a sense of belonging as politics of opposition does not pay.



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