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I Dread Not Meeting Client’s Standard – Hadiza




Hadiza Ibrahim is from the Okehi Local Government Area of Kogi State. She was born into the family of Alhaji Najim Ibrahim and Maryam Abubakar. She is the first of three children. A graduate of Microbiology from the University of Abuja, Hadiza is the chief executive officer of Diza Beauty Charm, a cosmetic outfit that specialises in skin therapy and general skin care in Abuja.


My name is Hadiza Ibrahim from Okehi Local Government Area of Kogi State. I was born into the family of Alhaji Najim Ibrahim and Maryam Abubakar. I am the first of three children.  For my primary school, I attended Deogratias Schools Abuja. I did my secondary school at Government Science and Technical College Abuja and Government Girls Secondary School, Kaduna. I proceeded to the University of Abuja where I got a degree in Microbiology. I am the chief executive officer of Diza Beauty Charm, a cosmetic outfit that specialises in skin therapy and general skin care in Abuja.


I started making soaps and creams while in school, I love to take care of my skin and my friends would ask that I make some for them too when they saw that my skin was glowing. I researched for the best products to use, so after school I decided to go into cosmetic business as job was not forthcoming, that is how I started “Diza Beauty Charm”. My beauty care products are extracts from pure natural essential oils, black soap and herbs.

My field of study also impacts on my business greatly. As a microbiologist, I know what combination to make in administering skin therapy and making of skin care products have also gone for trainings on skin care products, while also making research constantly to get best skin products, in skin production research is continuous so i research all the time.


I have deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction when my clients come back with testament of how effective my skin products are. I am encouraged by the satisfaction for my product that is my driving force.


My edge over my competitors is the standard of my product, my skin care products like I said earlier are made from pure natural essential oils with no side effects. They are extracts from carrot, lemon oil, almond oil and other natural oils. I have been able to build good client base through that. This is what sets my brand apart. My business is about making people feel good about themselves and bringing out their inner beauty, especially for the woman it is necessary for her to enhance her beauty.


My success comes from my research and determination to see my brand grow and it is yielding results.


I have been able to help treat skin problems through therapy, ranging from damaged skin due to use of harsh chemicals, and the results have been amazing, when it requires surgery or laser treatment we make referrals. This business has grown from when I was in school making just for myself and a few friends and am thinking of expanding soon.


My skin care products are natural and it gradually blends in to give the desired result, so it is challenging when some clients come in looking for instant result. I come across impatient clients they usually want to see it give them skin tone they desire within a week. It takes 28 days to see these changes. Other products giving such effects contain chemicals with bleaching agents. Another challenge is that clients mix my natural products with other products and come back complaining.


My mother is my mentor; she worked hard as a single parent to give us the best in life. She had to do a lot of businesses. I think I inherited that part from her. We owe a lot to her for what we have become today.


My business would have been bigger than this if I knew from the beginning what I know now. which is having something unique about my brand that makes me stand out. So I always wished I had managed it differently from the beginning.


I dread not meeting up to standard of my client and hearing complaints about my product.


I think it’s wise for young girls to take risks and challenges to achieve what they want in life. No woman should sit down and wait for a man to pick her up. Every woman should have something of her own.


I love reading and doing research. It’s the backbone of the line of business that I have chosen to do.


I want to expand my business and have a clothing line, which was also what I thought about going into in the beginning, and my deepest heart desire is to be the biggest exporter of natural skin products in Nigeria.




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