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NFVCB Reacts To Falz’s “This Is Nigeria” Video



Following the controversial viral video Falz, the video censoring bodies in Nigeria has revealed its consent wasn’t sought before it was dropped.

The song which has received rave reviews from entertainment writers and Nigerians, “This is Nigeria“, where he showcased his female choreographers dancing Shaku-Shaku in Hijab and several other issues affecting the nation has been the topic of the week.

Reacting to the release of the video, The Director, Licensing Department of the NFVCB, Cornell Agim said the rapper, didn’t bring his music video for licensing and rating before he released it to the public and unfortunately, the agency’s monitoring team hasn’t reported the video to the directorate.

He said that, though it is their job to censor and rate videos before they get to the public, they can’t be everywhere.

Calling on journalists and members of the public affected by the visuals to notify them, he said, “the agency does censorship and rating of music video before it gets to the general public. We ensure we do analysis of those videos. We also try as much as possible not to tamper with the creative intention of any artiste except they come with some obscenity, which we most time kick against.

“But Falz didn’t bring his music video for licensing before it got to the public. As the Director of Licensing, I haven’t seen the video. Same as the agency. None of our monitoring team has brought it to my notice. Hence, we didn’t censor it before it got to the public.”

The National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB), is the agency in charge of censorship and rating of music videos and movies.



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