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Dankwambo and The Gullible Wailers



It has been said that human beings are a very difficult bunch to please.They find it hard to acknowledge good done to them and nothing perfectly delineates that notion like the insincere and unfair ‘wailing’ directed at Gombe State governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo, Talban Gombe.

Say what you want about this man, but it is an established fact that he is the best thing that has ever happened to the Jewel of the Savannah. Since his administration came into office, Talba has not failed to recognise the fact that politics and leadership are all about service to the people.

In a country where state administrators lack continuity in governance, Dankwambo has maintained an impressive continuity in governance; he completed all the abandoned projects inherited from his predecessors.

Not forgetting his gigantic developmental projects which he built from scratch (among which is the University of Science and Technology, Kumo and six other newly constructed higher institutions in the state).

Some politicians hold the belief of destroying oppositions legacies but Dankwambo believes in the principle that people must express their wishes and that these wishes are quite sacrosanct.Thus, leadership, according to him, must be centred on the principle of service, accepting constructive criticism and, above all, selflessness.

It is also said that people don’t really know the value of what they have until they lose it. As a true democrat, within the last seven years, the governor has invested massively in the development of physical infrastructure in the state. His efforts have since returned the state to her true place and enviable status as the Jewel in the Savannah, a feat that has also accelerated urban and rural renewals.

Quiet achiever that he is, the land mark achievements of Dankwambo’s administration are not limited to the massive construction of network of roads and allied infrastructure, but a massive youth and women empowerment, educational institutions at primary, secondary and tertiary levels, as well as integrated urban and rural healthcare facilities.

His smart and judicious use of the very little resources available at his disposal has earned him numerous national and international recognition which has made the opposition so envious that they scramble around to concoct lies, in order to stain his image and reputation. But have they succeeded in that ill venture? No.On the contrary, the people of Gombe just love him more.

But as the insincere wailers continue to talk ill about this excellent governor and amazing leader, it is worthy of note that there are so many ways in which the present state government has carried out improvement in the socio-economic and political advancement of the state that have been highlighted and are still being talked about by the good people of the state.

Dankwambo is not a man that is deterred by negative talks, this is also evident in the fact that Gombe is still a construction site despite the Governor being in his last year in office. Talba has done a lot to be remembered for and he is always out to do his best. Essentially, no one can deny others from making out their opinions about whomever they dislike but such opinions, in my view, must be constructive, devoid of imaginary negative perception and should wear human face.

The absence of these simple characteristics in any expressed view, perhaps, could make one a ‘sadist and noble savage’. It is a piety that we still have someone that does not travel outside his domain at this jet age to see how Dankwambo has carried out revolution in development of the state.

It is left for any one to accept all these or not but the fact must not be thrown to the dogs for whatever reason. This is why the insincere wailers of Dankwambo’s legacy cannot be right and one is pretty sure that with these enormous achievements of Talban Gombe and his administration, posterity will surely judge them justly. Our most merciful God is the ultimate judge

– Abubakar is the special assistant, press, to the Gombe State governor..