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Stakeholder Calls For More Private Investment To Boast Nigeria Education System



Founder and chairman of Ahuoma Anyaso Educational Foundation and entrepreneur, Dr. Chima Anyaso, has called on the private sector to increase investment in education to close the gap in the sector, saying that private sector investment would support, to a large extent, the investment so far made by the government.

He was speaking at the 2018 annual Policymakers Interactive Series organized by Women in Management, Business and Public Service (WIMBIZ) held in Lagos.

Dr. Anyaso noted that investment in education by government, so far, is not sufficient to provide quality and suitable education for majority of the rural poor children in Nigeria, whose parents and guardians can’t afford the high cost of education.
This, he said, has created a huge gap that urgently need to be filled by the private sector.

He advocated for an all-inclusive funding and a private – public sector arrangement in the education sector that can bring about closing the existing gaps and providing access for underprivileged children all over Nigeria to have access to quality education at little or no cost.

Speaking on his educational project, he noted that the Ahuoma Anyaso Educational Foundation is a solely and privately funded educational initiative that provide free tuition and free feeding for poor children, most of whom come from families without any dependable source of livelihood.

According to him, “through the Ahuoma Anyaso Educational Foundation, for the past ten years, we have been able to educated children who come from poor homes and who never had any hope of getting any kind of education. I think if private sector players, CEOs and policymakers of major companies here present can do the same, I am very optimistic that, over a short period of time, we will all be able to solve the problem of poor access to education, especially among the rural poor.”

Other speakers at the event included Peju Adebajo, Commissioner for Agriculture in Ogun state, Yaw Nsarkoh, Executive Vice President Ghana – Nigeria, Unilever plc, Kehinde Nwani, MD/CEO, Meadow Hall Group and Dr. Kelechi Ohiri who is Managing Director of Flint Atlantic Capital. The session was moderated by Catherine Bickersteth who is director, Strategic Education Advisory Services Limited.

The Annual CEO and Policymakers Interactive Series organized by WIMBIZ is an advocacy initiative that brings decision makers together to address pressing business, social and economic issues, which directly, or by extension, affect women and their contribution to nation-building.


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