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Nigerians Lament Wrong Medical Diagnosis



Noah Osa Edo

Mrs Elizabeth Samuel (real name withheld) was reported by popular human right radio station phone-in programme, Brekete Family that she would have been thrown into trauma for the case of wrong diagnosis.

Mrs Samuel was gathered to be pregnant and went to the National Hospital, Abuja to give birth. After a successful delivery, she wanted to breastfeed her daughter, a nurse, whose name she didn’t mentioned didn’t allow her to breastfeed the baby and also refused to tell her what was wrong.

She was later sent to the counseling unit and was told she was HIV positive. She refused to believe and instead, insisted on another test. She went to another hospital within the city and the result came out negative. Mrs Samuel presented the result to them and they were still insisting she was positive.

She demanded for another test to confirm her status only to be told that she was given the wrong result and wasn’t positive. The pain and damages that would have resulted from this would have been massive. Also the damage the anti-retroviral drugs would have had on her could have resulted to other ailment.

The case of Mrs Elizabeth Samuel is just one out of many challenges Nigerians are going through on a daily basis.

This phenomenon roaming around medical sector in Nigeria “Unspecialised Medical personalities “inculcating fear of death into poor Nigerian citizens and scaring investors from Nigeria is taking an evil shape.

If Nigerians could recall the famous X-ray story of a man whose doctors in Nigeria told him that he had a living cockroach inside him after complaining of severe chest pains and he can only be operated on abroad.

Subsequently the patient sold his house, and other properties, took loans and borrowed more money to enable him travel and pay for the treatment. Upon reaching India, another x-ray was done, and he was told that the cockroach was inside the x-ray machine at the Nigerian hospital and not in his chest. He was simply given few prescriptions for the chest pains and discharged same day. Yet the incident seemed a version of an invented story.

Similar issue has occurred again with documented proves and various evidence to hold down medical extortionists in Nigeria.

Just recently, a young boy would have been wrongly operated on and pass through untold trauma if not for the intervention of foreign medical expert.

Mrs Helen Uwa Obas is a Nigerian entrepreneur, who normally encourages and invites international investors to Nigeria. Her son, a young Irish Nigerian born citizen, Noah Osa Edo, a student in Benin city, repeatedly complained of chest pains, and his mother visited an acclaimed medical center popularly known as ECHO SCAN RADIOLOGY, Benin city by Uselu Qtrs. The specialised medical personal diagnosed pericardial damage (heart attack), while the doctors advised the young boy’s parents to proceed overseas for an immediate cure.

“I got travel ticket worth over N700,000 followed by other expenses spent on logistics,” Mrs Obas told LEADERSHIP.

On the 27th of May 2018, the boy luckily arrived in Ireland alongside with his panicking mother who got depressed with tears running down her cheeks, crying and praying to God to save her child. The young man was visited by specialised doctors in Dublin on the 30th May, 2018, only to discover that, the boy wasn’t affected by the previous diagnosed sickness.

While the Irish doctors confirmed the Nigerian specialist as scam equivalence, the x-ray was also belonging to an aged woman of over 50years old.

Mrs Obas said only God knows the trauma and pains she has been through due to this incident and demand an immediate refund of all expenses that was incurred due to this carelessness.

In a chat with the alleged patients concerned, the Noah said he’s is ready to resume school while her parents are set to request the complete refunds of expenses caused by the medical specialist or would face the wrath of the law.

The issues of wrong diagnosis has become a norm in Nigeria and many people who couldn’t take a second look at the results have either died from the trauma or have been infected with another sickness which ordinarily wouldn’t have been.



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