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ESIF Trains 144 Young Women On Menstrual Hygiene In Lagos



LAbout 144 adolescents have been trained by the EndoSurvivors International Foundation (ESIF) a non- profit organisation on menstrual hygiene management and endometriosis.

The group in collaboration with the Ogudu Youth Friendly Centre of the Lagos State Ministry of Health and Lagos State Primary HealthCare Board used the World Menstrual Hygiene Day, an annual awareness day to highlight the importance of good menstrual hygiene management.

In her lecture to the girls, Mrs Olivia Nwankudu the Founder of EndoSurvivors International Foundation explained what menstruation actually means, saying it is the anatomy of a woman’s reproductive system.

She said,’’ Menstruation is a biological process which every woman should experience but societal norms in certain spheres have tried to stigmatize periods.

‘’However, there are non-profit organizations like EndoSurvivors, committed to ending period taboos, period poverty and period shame.’’

She pointed out that menstrual health training entails,’’ period tracking, use of good hygiene products while menstruating (save money to buy these items), how to use a sanitary pad, how long to wear a sanitary pad, how to dispose of sanitary pads, hand-washing, bathing, changing underwear, nutrition and general hygiene tips when menstruating and indeed for all time.’’

She urged the young women to, “Think of your period as a monthly report card of your entire system.

“The regularity, smell, colour of blood, heaviness and pain levels experienced when menstruating could say something about your overall well-being. Please pay attention to it.’’

Dwelling on menstrual pain, she delved into a core area of her Foundation’s existence; which is teaching the public, especially girls and women about the signs, symptoms of endometriosis.

According to her, endometriosis is a gynaecological condition which results from the presence of endometrial tissue in parts outside the uterus like ovaries, appendix, fallopian tubes, among others.

She encouraged the young women to seek medical attention if they experience menstrual pain or pelvic pain that constantly interferes with their school work and social lives.

According to her, “if endometriosis can be diagnosed on time, it will save a lot of pain, confusion and mistakes”.

Responding to question asked by one of the students that bothered on the importance of food while menstruating, Olivia stressed the relevance of feeding well with emphasis on fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins, roots like ginger and turmeric, clean water and home-cooked meals; while taking less of artificial sugars and processed foods.

Each of the beneficiaries received a pack of sanitary pads and refreshment.