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36-year-old Presidential Aspirant To Address Late MKO ‘Former President’ If Elected



A 36-year-old presidential aspirant on the platform of All Progressives Congress (APC), Alhaji Adamu Garba, has said that he will declare Moshood Kashimawu Abiola as the former President of Nigeria if given the mandate to serve the country come 2O19.

Garba made the disclosure yesterday when he addressed the Press at the Kano NUJ Secretariat over his presidential ambition.

The aspirant said, “I will like to use this opportunity to commend President Muhammadu Buhari for recognising Chief MKO Abiola by declaring June 12 as the new Democracy Day. I will however go further than that by identifying him as the Former President of Nigeria.

“We cannot run away from our past. If we must enjoy the future, our past and fallen heroes deserve adequate recognition. I will declare Sarowiwa also as a Nationalist”

He said Abiola will continue to be remembered in the political landscape of this country as some one who has proven his mettle as a politician with impeccable qualities of leadership.

While commenting on Never Too Young To Run Bill, he said he will not step down for President Muhammadu Buhari in the Primary elections of the

APC, “Because I see my self emerging as the next President of Nigeria”, he said.

Garba, who said he has an Almajiri (urchin) background from Gombe State and was expelled from Kano University of Technology (KUT) Wudil because of his extreme activism, said that his contest is strongly aimed at freeing Nigeria from the bondage of poverty and incessant killings.

The young APC Presidential Aspirant said that for corruption and poverty to be eradicated from Nigeria, the nation must have to go digital,

linking all its activities to software devices which could easily track down any kind of embezzlement.

Adamu Garba, who is contesting on the platform of APC said the introduction of the Single Treasury Account and BVN has helped in checking the rampant movement of embezzled money and fraud.

He said civil servants in the United States are less corrupt due to the fear they have put in place by the use of technology.

He also said that although he has an Almajiri background, he has passed through the rigours of life to understand what it takes to be a leader.

“From four to eight years, I was an Almajiri in my home town and by eight years, I was sent to primary school and I have studied up to the university level and today, by the grace of God, I am a chief executive of a Software Company in Lagos, IPI Solution, which is favourably competing with companies in Africa.”

While responding to some posers on the problems of money politics, Adamu noted that the act would not work in 2019 because digital media would root out the problems, adding that his contest is not a do or die affair.

Adamu commended President Buhari for fighting the deadliest group

popularly known as Boko Haram in the country, adding that if elected,

he will re-examine the whole scenario which he said kept changing from

civil war to Maitatsine, to Militants, to Boko Haram and today, it is

herdsman and farmers killing themselves mercilessly on a daily basis.”

He also noted that he would, if elected, change the six geopolitical

zones to nine geopolitical economic zones to allow every section of

the country to have a sense of belonging.


The young presidential aspirant noted that he sees the World Order

changing by 2045 and by that time, Nigeria would be listed among the

World Super Powers.


He frowned at the excesses of the money given to the Nigerian

Universities at the detriment of the Primary School education, adding

that the internally generated funds had superseded  ‎the grants given

to them.


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