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2019: Ndigbo Moves To Determine Future In Nigeria



Ndigbo in Diaspora has said it will use its upcoming World Igbo Congress (WIC) Convention which will hold in Nashville Tennessee, United States of American (USA) between August 30th to September 3rd to determine which way forward for Ndigbos’ come 2019.

Speaking during an interview, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Apex board worldwide, Professor, Anthony Ejiofor said the WIC convention for 2018 is all about seeking solutions to the clear and present danger the Igbo face in Nigeria, preserving lives and designing the future of igbo land.

Ejiofor said the convention will present a platform for sober reflection on the tragedy of the Igbo Nation and an articulation of the way forward, considering the looming political suicide where Nigeria’s structural tripod may exist without Ndigbo in contemplation.

He said: “Can Ndi Igbo objectively talk about Socio-economic empowerment when our masses back home are already devastated by hunger, poverty, disease, ignorance, unemployment, with the consequent stampede to premature graves? The plight of Igbo rural populace is lamentable”.

“For the already bruised and battered Ndigbo to limp high, the past must wake up in the present. The statement of purpose and program of action of the congress must be devoid of all romantic pretensions and idealistic delusions. It is not the “wringing of our hands, nor the gnashing of teeth that will provide the vehicle for Ndigbo reorientation and regeneration, but the mapping out of immediate relevant strategies and workable blue prints to herald a new dawn”. he said.

Also speaking, Public Relation Officer (PRO) of WIC, Basil Onwukwe, said the trend of events in Nigeria has been a cause for concern with series of mass killings while the Executive and the legislatures are threatening each other for political expediency.

“As this WIC convention is the highest rallying point of all the igbo speaking group around the world, we preferred this year’s theme to be ‘KA ANYI CHEKWAA ALAIGBO’, which means that igboland need to be protected because our government is not doing enough to save lives and properties.”

Onwukwe further said: “We may not continue to live together in a country marred with so much hatred and considering the huge amount of money we send to our relations and development of our homelands”. Some times, the thunderous sound only seek to laugh and mock us in the face of our impotence. What does the 2018 World Igbo Congress hold for Ndigbo? He asked.


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