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‘Civil Servants Are Problem Of This Country’



Civil Servants are the biggest problem of Nigeria, says Reverend Father Timothy Ter Asongu of the Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja, who also blamed most of the atrocities of most civil servants in the country on what he described as the lack of God in humanity and actions of men.

The articulate preacher said the moment Nigeria’s civil service is purified, the present woes of the country, rooted in corruption would have been cut off by over half.

“Civil servants are the problem of this country. If you take a file of contract to any office, everybody wants to have a per cent of the money,” he said, adding: “you stole all the money and build houses everywhere and you say na Buhari. Life without God is demonic!”

Fr. Asongu made the remarks yesterday while delivering a sermon at Saint Augustine’s Catholic Church in Dutse Sagbangyi where he urged his parishioners to learn to live their daily lives in God.

Relying on the teachings of Genesis Chapter 3, verses 9 to 15, Fr. Asongu said from the head to the cleaner in the civil service across the country, “there is no God. Everyone is living without God today; the priests inclusive”.

“Look at the desperation of Buhari to return as President of Nigeria now. He does not care about the sufferings of the people. Do you know how many people are suffering in Nigeria today?.

“For you to get a job in Nigeria today, you need to know somebody that knows somebody,” he said, adding that Nigerians from all works of life should strive to have the fear of God in everything they do and avoid disobedience to God as done by Adam and Eve.