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VAR and Its Debut At World Cup 2018



In World Cup 2010, Frank Lampard, Great Britain, made a successful goal against Germany but wasn’t considered one because there wasn’t any proof of it. Ever since then, the World Cup committee has received several requests from fans and managers to develop something that helps match officials make the decision making the process simpler. After its successful stint at the Confederations Cup 2017, Gianni Infantino, FIFA president, has decided to use the video assistant referee for all 64 games of World Cup 2018, which will be held in Russia from June 14 to July 15, 2018.

Sure, there are many unforgettable moments in the World Cup, and whether it be the matches or new technologies like the Goal Line technology, there is just so much that you have to look forward to each year during the world cup. Yet, VAR promises to steal a lot of limelight in this year’s edition, for sure.


The Need for VAR

Arsene Wenger, former Arsenal manager, had commented a while ago that it was time for them to help the referees, have a less conservative approach and opt for video assistance. Videos will assist the referees and not question their decision or authority. Instead, it’ll give them more authority, more credit, and reduce mistakes. Football is one of the most famous games across the globe but has the most conservative approach than any other sport. It is a strength but can be a failure on the referee side.

How will the VAR Help Create a Better and Fair Gameplay?

Massimo Busacca, head of refereeing, feels that communication is important while using the video assistance. The match referees will never be perfect but technology will help commit fewer mistakes.

Four facts you need to know about Video Assistant Referee:

  1. The assistance will be set up in the centralised video operation room in Russia’s capital, Moscow.
  2. The team will have access to the two offside cameras and all broadcast cameras on the field.
  3. It won’t take any decision but only help the assistance to make the correct one.
  4. Football fans will be kept updated whether the referee is using the review process by broadcasters, infotainment, and commenters.

How will the VAR Work?

The VAR team comprises of video assistant referee and three assistant video assistant referees who will be top FIFA match officials. For the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, the referee committee has selected 13 referees who will take up the video assistant referee role. They are appointed the role based on their Video Match Official experience in their respective Confederation and National Associations competitions. Apart from them, the committee has several referees and assistants on board for the role of Video Match Officials during all the 64 games.

Russia World Cup 2018’s first match is on June 14, 2018 between the host country and Saudi Arabia. Are you excited to see how VAR will be used in the upcoming matches? Let us know in the comments below!

VAR and Its Debut At World Cup 2018