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President Trump: Maximum Pressure on North Korea Will Continue Until Complete Denuclearization



… South Korean Musicians, Ensembles Mark Summit Closing Ceremony

US President, Donald Trump has said maximum pressure on North Korea will continue until complete nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is achieved.

President Trump spoke at a live address with the media after his meeting with the fourth time elected Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel in Washington DC.

President Trump said he will be meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un in the coming weeks, and decisions are underway to choose between two sites for the historic meeting.

The President criticized his predecessors for failure to tackle the nuclearized peninsula saying he felt responsible in achieving complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula. He also noted that his administration will not commit the mistakes of past US administrations but mount increasing pressure until the peninsula is completely denuclearized.

“We are doing very well, and I think something very dramatic can happen. A lot of good things are happening with North Korea. Over the past 25 years this should have happened with the past administration and not left to me. I think the responsibility has fallen on the shoulders of the President of the United States, and I think I have a responsibility to see if I can do it. It is something I hope I can do for the world,” noted Trump.

He commended President Moon Jae-in of South Korea for the successful summit and stressed Japan and China’s effort in mounting maximum pressure campaign by way of UN Sanctions on North Korea.

Speaking on the just concluded summit, German Chancellor Merkel, commended the US role in engendering the summit. Congratulating the two Koreas on the outcome of the summit, Merkel empathized with them noting that being a country once divided, Germany appreciates the importance of reunification for the two Koreas. However, she stressed that Germany will continue on the path of renewed pressure (on North Korea) until denuclearisation is acheived to ensure peace in the peninsula.

Meantime, popular South and North Korea musicians performed at the dinner held to mark the closing of the inter-summit.

Attending the dinner banquet were President Moon Jae-in and first Lady Kim Jung-sook alongside 34 South Korean officials, and Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of North Korea, Kim Jong-un and his wife, Ri Sol Ju, with 26 North Korean officials.

Musical pieces marking the significant occasion including North Korea’s Bangaseumnida (Nice to meet you) often played at banquet openings and the songFrom Seoul to Pyeongyang, a piece expressing the hopes of unification was performed by artiste, South Korean artist Kang Eun il. Eun il played rendered the songs with traditional South Korean two stringed fiddle, ‘Haegeum’. Also, an ensemble performance of the ‘Haegeum’ and North Korea’s traditional string instrument ‘Okryugeum’ was staged in honour of the occasion. Director of t

Artiste Lee Byeongwoo presented a guitar music, Birds, signifying the spirit of Koreans in overcoming hardships, while young elementary school student, Oh Yeon-joon, who gained popularity following his performance of South Korea’s national anthem at the closing ceremony of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics gave a rendition of Somewhere The Wind Is Blowing.



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