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Why We Recruited Firefighters From Our Host Communities- Belemaoil



An indigenous oil firm, Belemaoil Producing Limited has said it recruited and trained its firefighters from it’s host communities because of it is the part of it’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to the people of the Rivers State where it operates.

The Executive Vice-President, Human Resources, Administration and Corporate Affairs, Mrs. Rosemary C. Asiegbu, disclosed this in Port Harcourt while speaking at the graduation ceremony of 33 firefighters of the company.

The firefighters, who were trained by TDI Global, a North-American-based firefighting training firm, are to operate with three world-class firefighting vehicles and other equipments.

Asiegbu, who stated that Belemaoil is the first indigenous oil company that is ensuring the full implementation of its Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) campaign.

She said, “We are an indigenous company. If you check out we are the first indigenous oil company that are going head on to ensuring that we implement our HSE not only to make sure that our immediate environment and our staff are safe, we are ensuring that our neighbouring environment, beyond our immediate environment will also benefit from our strives.

“What informed this, is our Social Responsibility and our HR Drive and HSE campaign. We wanted to step up our HSE campaign to make sure that our environment will be safe. Just as our Belemaoil model is inclusive of the Host Communities in making sure that their social and economic wellbeing will be improved.

“If you check all our environs there is no firefighting equipment around, even beyond up to the Government House. And our President in his vision makes sure that everybody will be happy and benefit from what they should.”

The Executive Vice President lauded the Founder/President of Belemaoil Producing Ltd, Mr. Jack-Rich Tein Jr., for his strive in developing the company’s host communities in the state.

Emphasising that fire fighting is a noble profession though challenging, Asiegbu said the training will be a continuous process to ensure that the trainees acquire more skills in fire fighting and rescue.

She said, “Fire fighting is a serious job, serious because you will always be prepared. You will always be expected to train and be fit all the time. If you are on duty or you are not on duty you are supposed to be prepared because something might come up and the people on duty might not be able to cope with it. Automatically you will be drafted to be in charge.

“Again, to be a fire fighter, is a multi-faceted job in the sense that your job will not just concentrate on saving the human and material assets. Fighters, are bold, fire fighters must have the sanity when it comes to taking decisions because if you are not careful on the decision you take, that might even cause more disaster.

“So fire fighters are looked upon as potential heroes because they are supposed to do what normal people are not supposed to do under normal circumstances.”


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